Dr. Umar Hair Transplant Ranking

Dr. Umar is the #1 top ranked doctor for mega-session Body Hair Transplant procedures in the world according to HairSite's patient statistics compiled based on successful patient results published in our open forum.

dr umar hair transplantbest hair transplant doctor award

Top Ranked #1
Mega Session Body Hair Transplant in the WORLD
based on HairSite Ranking statistics

97 published patient results HairSite top ranked award
12 years of uninterrupted records hairsite top ranked award

Specialties *

 FUE Hair Transplant
 Beard Hair Transplant
 Dense Packing
 Women Hair Transplant

 Body Hair Transplant
 Hair Transplant Repair
 Strip Scars Repair
 Eyebrow Transplant
 Eyelash Transplant

HairSite Score ∗∗
based on successful patient results published

♥ Total - Published Results = 97

See below for Dr. Umar's remarkable 12+ years of uninterrupted patient results published on HairSite, you can filter by Date, by Graft Count, by Technique and more.

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If you wish to dig deeper into the wealth of patient result reviews and discussions  we have for Dr. Umar's work, you can access Archives 1 and Archives 2 for the full history of Dr. Umar's patient results that are captured in the above database.

Best in CLASS
Top Ranked #1 in the WORLD
Mega-session Body Hair Transplants

What does this mean?

Dr. Umar has been a featured doctor on HairSite for over 12 years. This is no small accomplishments. For those who are familiar with the community on HairSite, there are few doctors who can survived the scrutiny of our forum members year after year.

One of the world's most highly anticipated events in the hair transplant industry is HairSite's annual publication of world's top doctor rankings in hair transplantation. Every year, countless hair restoration doctors and surgeons from around the world scramble to showcase their patient results in our open community. This is the platform where doctors exhibit hair transplant results that they take pride in. Each patient result is subject to the review and scrutiny of our forum members. Every flaw, every defect, every imperfection is captured, discussed and reviewed by the public and peers in the industry.

Dr. Umar is crowned the #1 top ranked
surgeon in mega session body hair transplant procedures.

According to patient result statistics published in our forum over the years, Dr. Umar has performed more mega session body hair transplant procedures than any other doctors in the world. Dr. Umar's repair skills have given many badly scarred hair transplant victims a new lease in life, most other doctors wouldn't even dream of taking on repair patients that Dr. Umar see on a regular basis.

Below are examples of some of the hair transplant repair cases and mega sessions that make Dr. Umar the No. 1 doctor in this category, many of these cases are virtually impossible miracles at any other clinic in the world:

fonticon-article Hair transplant repair using 5800 beard hair grafts;

fonticon-article Hair restoration for slick bald Norwood 7 – 8000 grafts Head and Beard grafts;

fonticon-article FUE Hair Transplant Result-NW 7: Head & Non-Head Donors 12000 Grafts;

fonticon-article Hair Restoration of Hairline and Crown with 10,000 grafts

Besides our easy to use interactive database table on this page, you can also dig into our archives if you wish to read in-depth discussions and reviews by our forum community.

You can access Archives 1 and Archives 2 for the full history of Dr. Umar's patient results.

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