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Hair Transplant Doctor Training India

Hair transplant doctor training is a specialty that many doctors and physicians are pursing nowadays as a career. It is a discipline in medical surgery that has generated a lot of interest lately because of the ever increasing demand from the general public for an effective hair restoration treatment. As the world economy steadily rises to middle class, more emphasis is placed on one's self esteem and aesthetics appeal to our social circles.

Demand for hair transplants or similar treatments continue to have an essential role to play at a time when there is no real cure for baldness in sight. Both men and women are affected by hair loss whether it be genetically related or caused by other factors such as accidents or using of certain medications etc.

Becoming A Hair Transplant Practitioner

That someone is a good hair transplant surgeon does not necessarily mean that he can be a good teacher as well. In addition, educating the next generation of hair transplant surgeons is a totally different field that requires completely different skills set as well as training tools and equipment.

Training at AK Hair Clinics

AK Hair Clinics embraces every qualified doctor or physician who is pursuing hair transplantation as a career choice. To that end, AK Hair Clinics have meticulously compiled a series of training programs that are customized to those wishing to seek AK Clinics' expertise, wisdom, experience and knowledge. Training at AK Clinics are thorough, well thought out with the ultimate intention of helping new graduates set up their own hair transplant clinics.

Curriculum Details

Different courses and curriculum are available to ensure that each enrollee will find program that is best suited for his or her needs and objectives.

Basic program (course duration – 1 day)

This course is ideal for those who just want to get a general idea about hair transplant surgery before committing to anything long term. If you are interested in performing hair transplant procedures but unsure if this is really a good career choice, this course can help you decide. The course involves one day live and practical observation of FUE hair transplant surgery. Students will have the opportunity to directly interact with the surgeons and ask any questions whether it be technical issues about the surgery itself or questions about pursuing hair transplant as a career.

Training Fee – contact us for more details.

Intermediate program (course duration – 1 month)

The intermediate program is suitable for those who are more serious about hair transplantataion as a career. The course covers basics of trichology, anatomy of hair, hair cycle, hair loss diagnosis and clinic amenities.

The course covers everything that is included i the Introduction program plus all aspects of hair restoration surgery, including but not limited to:

1. Patient selection and treatment design;
2. Clinic set up, equipment and tools;
3. FUE Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation;
4. Pre and post operative care;
5. BHT body hair transplants;
6. Women hair transplant;
7. Hair transplant repair;

This course offers a total of 15 live observation classes providing students with basic knowledge about graft extraction, handling and placement.

Training Fee - contact us for details

Advanced (course duration – 3 months)

The Advanced course is the most comprehensive program and intended  for individuals who has made a commitment to pursue hair transplant as a career choice. The Advanced course covers everything that is included in the Introduction and Intermediate programs. In addition, the Advanced program also offers the following:

  1. All aspects of hair restoration surgery and running a hair transplant clinic;
  2. Hands on complete training of grafts extraction on live patients;
  3. Hands on complete training of implantation of grafts and grafts placement on model and live patients;
  4. Training on Mesotherapy and low level laser theray for hair loss;
  5. Intensive training on sales and marketing of trichology or hair transplant clinic;
  6. 50 classes of live participation or observation of hair transplant procedures;
  7. In-depth discussion about becoming a hair transplant surgeon and operating a hair transplant clinic;

Training Fee - contact us for details


Please note that info presented herein are provided by courtesy of AK Hair Clinics. We do not guarantee and completeness of information published here. Please contact AK Clinics directly for the most current and accurate details. Also, there is no guarantee when it comes to hair restoration. HairSite does not guarantee results. As with all treatments, it is best to do thorough research and consult your own physician before proceeding.


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