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platelet rich plasma hair therapy indiaPlatelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy India

Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy India is available at AK Hair Clinics with locations in Delhi, Ludhiana and Bangalore. Some medical professionals refer this technique as PRP hair therapy or PRP hair treatment in short.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Theray India?

Most doctors consider PRP hair treatment a non invasive procedure. It is a kind of cell based hair treatment. The idea is that a patient's blood plasma contains growth factors that may be beneficial for healthy hair growth.

In most instances, the procedure only takes about an hour. It starts with the doctor or his medical team drawing a small amount of blood from the patient's arm. Then the technician places the patient's blood sample in a centrifuge which spins at high speed to seperate the precious platelets from the blood.

The platelets are then inject to the patient's scalp or thinning areas micro-surgically to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Why PRP Hair Treatment at AK Hair Clinics

Platelet Rich Plasma hair therapy India is available at AK Clinics for both men and women with thinning hair. At the time when this is published, AK Clinics is the only featured clinic offering PRP hair treatment in India.

While the whole concept of PRP may sound simple, a lot depends on the execution. Optimal centrifugal speed, time and temperature can all make a difference in the final result. In addition, other important aspects also come into play such as the tools and the depth of the injection.

According to AK Hair Clinics, they have been at the forefront of this technology in India experimenting for over 7 years. The goal is to identify the most optimal protocol and methodology for this treatment.

A Word of Caution

Of course, please note that this treatment is still experimental at this stage. Results do vary from patients to patients. Not every person is a good candidate for PRP hair treatment.

As a start, the best thing to do is to contact AK Clinics for a free consultation to see if this treatment is suitable for your needs. You will find out more about treatment details and costs etc.

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