Mark Weston Scalp Micropigmentation

Mark Weston Scalp Micropigmentation
Mark Weston Scalp Micropigmentation

Mark Weston Scalp Micropigmentation - redefining the ultimate in minimally invasive medical tattooing hair restoration techniques.

Scalp Micropigmentation is also referred to as The Weston System at M. Weston Non Surgical Hair Centers. It is presently one of the most sought after alternatives in the world to surgical hair transplant procedures. The Weston System appeals to many hair loss sufferers because the procedure is less invasive than traditional hair transplants. In addition, the procedure is not restricted by the availability of donor follicles. Virtually any man or woman with hair loss or thinning hair can benefit from Scalp Micropigmentation.

Mark Weston Scalp Micropigmentation - PATENTED Technology

The skyrocketing demand for Scalp Micropigmentation as a hair restoration treatment also leads to unprecedented product innovation by some of the world's leading pioneers in this field.

Mark Weston is the first and only in the world to hold a patent for his needle and proprietary techniques in Scalp Micropigmentation that sets his clinic apart from the rest.

The Weston System - PATENTED Scalp Micropigmentation

The objective for all Scalp Micropigmentation procedures is to replicate the appearance of hair follicles in balding areas. However, not all Scalp Micropigmentation procedures are created equal.

Go through the tabs below; educate yourself the history and legacy of M. Weston Non Surgical Hair Restoration Centers. Find out why the Weston System is light years ahead of the rest when it comes to Scalp Micropigmentation hair restoration procedures. Make an informed decision !

About Mark Weston

Mark Weston established the FIRST Scalp Micropigmentation company in the US in 2009 and has since pioneered the growth and development of this industry to new heights. 

Mark Weston's depth of expertise in the field of Scalp Micropigmentation hair restoration is unparalleled in the industry. Besides being the first and only ever featured specialist on HairSite who holds a US patent in Scalp Micropigmentation needle and techniques for hair loss, Mark is also the first Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner with approved membership in the American Hair Loss Council. In addition, Mark is also a gold certification member of the International Board of Medicine since 2010.

Click "The Weston Difference" tab to find out why Mark Weston is one of the most celebrated names in the world of Scalp Micropigmentation.

You can also visit Mark Weston Hair to arrange a free, no cost, no obligation consultation to find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure, treatment details and approximate cost. 

The Weston Difference - PATENTED Scalp Micropigmentation

The objective for all Scalp Micropigmentation hair restoration procedures is to replicate the appearance of hair follicles in balding areas; and nobody does it better than Mark Weston Scalp Micropigmentation hair centers. 

Mark Weston Scalp Micropigmentation patented technology is the first and only of its kind that offers hair loss sufferers the following unique benefits that are not found elsewhere. 

  1. Patented Needles - size does matter and in the case here, smaller is better. One of the most distinguishable features with Mark Weston's patented technique is the proprietary needles that can only be found at M. Weston Non Surgical Hair Restoration Centers. Unlike other practitioners who use single needles, the needles at Mark Weston Hair Centers are based on a 3 round configuration that allows for more effective ink retention and unsurpassed accuracy in delivering the most natural and aesthetically superior replication of actual human follicles.  
  2. Application Protocol - patented needle by itself is meaningless unless the practitioner also adopts the correct treatment protocol. Weston's methodology adopts a meticulous approach that includes proper hand-arm position, muscle coordination, insertion placement, needle depth
    control and more. This is essentially the "manual" in delivering the best possible results in Scalp Micropigmentation, crafted to perfection at Mark Weston Hair Centers. 
  3. Single Session Scalp Micropigmentation - Unlike other companies that require their customers to return for regular touch-ups and maintenance, M. Weston Non Surgical Hair Restoration Center offers permanent result in one single treatment, thanks to their patented technology. 
  4. SMART Pigments® - Designed for permanency and engineered for the scalp use only, pigments at M. Weston Non Surgical Hair Restoration Centers are specially formulated to allow customization into hundreds of unique colors that will guarantee a near perfect match for the patient's natural hair color. 
  5. Hairline Replication - hairline is the money shot for every hair restoration photo. It is what frames your face and people's first impression when they look at you. M. Weston Non Surgical Hair RestorationCenters take pride in replicating hairlines that resemble what we were born with.  One fundamental principal at M. Weston Non Surgical Hair Resotration Centers is to always stay within the scalp's natural born hairline. It is because pigment reacts differently in scalp skin than it does in other parts of the body. Creating an artificial Scalp Micropigmentation hairline outside the patient's natural hairline zone will result in pigment discoloration or mismatch. Few Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner will pay attention to details that are so minute and yet so critical to a perfectly natural result. 

To learn more or to arrange a FREE no obligation consultation, go to Mark Weston Hair.  

Mark Weston Scalp Micropigmentation Patent
Mark Weston Scalp Micropigmentation Patent

PATENTED Scalp Micropigmentation Gallery

Before and after photos from actual customers of Mark Weston Hair Restoration

Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Restoration Florida Scalp Micropigmentation Florida Weston Hair Restoration Scalp Tattooing Hair RestorationScalp Micropigmentation African American Hair Patented Scalp Micropigmentation Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Loss Treatment Jonathan Gerow Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Replacement Weston SystemHair Follicle Replication Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Transplant Scar Camouflage Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Transplant Mark Weston Scalp Micropigmentation Robert Anzalone Joe Taylor Hair Restoration Micro Scalp Pigmentation Scar Camouflage Hair Transplant Repair Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Tattooing Mark Weston Hair Pigmentation Tattoo Bill Martin Hair Restoration By Weston System

Mark Weston PATENTED Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Center Locations - US

Mark Weston Scalp Micropigmentation Florida
Mark Weston Scalp Micropigmentation Florida

The headquarter for M. Weston Non Surgical Hair Restoration Centers is located in Longboat Key, Florida. This is also where Scalp Micropigmentation training courses are held for those who are interested in becoming part of the Mark Weston legacy in medical tattooing hair restoration. 

M. Weston Non Surgical Hair Restoration Center Locations Across U.S

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Weston Center
Northside Tower
6065 Roswell Road
Suite 202
Atlanta, GA 30228

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Weston Center
To open Spring 2018

Akron, Ohio

Ohio Weston Center
3094 West Market Street
Suite 347
Fairlawn, Ohio  44333

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico Weston Center
Mexicali 73, Col. Condesa
Mexico City, MX 06100

To inquire about other Weston locations or to arrange a FREE online or telephone consultation, go to Mark Weston Hair

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