Foundation for Hair Restoration

founded by Dr. Jeffrey Epstein with hair transplant consultation and surgical clinics in Miami & New York as well as consultation office in Tampa Florida.

M I S S I O N  S T A T E M E N T
The Foundation for Hair Restoration is committed to providing the very finest in hair restoration in an ethical, professional, and safe environment

Why Choose The Foundation for Hair Restoration*

The Foundation for Hair Restoration provides world class hair restoration to the most discriminating of individuals. Since 1993, patients from throughout the world all 50 United States and over 75 countries looking to enhance their image and restore their confidence and youthful appearance have trusted their care to Dr. Epstein. Since 2009, Dr. Epstein has been working in association with a few other select surgeons to provide care for patients who choose not to travel to either Miami or NYC to be treated by him. As a doubly-board certified facial plastic and hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Epstein chose similarly qualified colleagues, to assure patients of receiving an unsurpassed level of care and results. Together, the FHR surgeons have over 100 years of experience, with more than 25,000 procedures performed, many of them reparative procedures for work done elsewhere.

Dr. Epstein and his team are frequently visited by other doctors and specialists from around the world who want to learn the latest in hair restoration techniques.  Here Dr. Epstein is pictured with the International Fellow from the University of Miami's Cosmetic Dermatology program

FHR patients tend to be well-informed, doing their homework before choosing a surgeon. By consulting with the FHR, one can be assured of learning about all the treatment options, in a professional, confidential environment, from board certified plastic, facial plastic, and/or hair restoration surgeons who specialize in and teach others about hair restoration, and who are recognized by the media for their expertise. Confidence comes from the FHR surgeons' commitment to achieving the finest image enhancement, as expressed in the Foundation's mission statement. They choose to get it done right the first time.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein with his team of technicians and assistants

While a personal consultation with Dr. Epstein (Miami, NYC, Tampa, or Boca Raton) or one of the other FHR surgeons in different cities (Los Angeles, Scottsdale, Aventura) is invaluable, your entire procedure can be planned without meeting the surgeon in person - rather, by sending photographs along with information about yourself including your goals. Another popular option is the live webcam consultation, using Skype®. In either case, your entire procedure can be planned through personal emails and phone calls with the doctor and his office. Your visit to Dr. Epstein's hair transplant web site is a great learning experience - providing you with the opportunity to learn about the work being done for individuals like yourself, by the Foundation for Hair Restoration, and to see just how good you can look.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein with administrative assistant and visiting hair restoration specialists from other countries

Other News from the
Foundation for Hair Restoration

  • Foundation for Hair Restoration news & media coverage: Dr. Epstein and Dr. Friedman countless appearances in TV and news media, peer reviewed scientific journals and magazines such as People, Vogue, Newsweek, and Elle  to name a few.

  • Real patients, real stories, real drama. Hair transplant patient testimonials and stories. One of the largest collections of hair restoration patient testimonials in the world. Letters, emails, photos and more. Read struggles and life changing stories from men and women with hair loss and thinning hair around the world.

* reprinted with permission from FHR