Transgender Hair Transplant

hair restoration and hairline correction procedure for male-to-female MTF or female-to-male FTM patients by Dr. Jeffrey Epstein's Foundation for Hair Restoration.

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Hair Restoration Procedures Performed !!!

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein's patient
before and after photo of transgender hairline correction procedure

* As part of the transgender (MTF and FTM) process, there often can be concerns with hair loss and other hair issues. These are areas in which Dr. Epstein and his FHR associates have particular expertise in addressing, with his over 17 years experience as a board certified hair restoration and facial plastic surgeon. As one of the foremost specialists in the field of hair restoration, he has successfully treated male pattern baldness in MTF transgender patients while creating a more natural, feminine hair line, as well as in restoring male pattern beards, chest hair, and pubic regions in FTM transgender patients. His extensive training, passion for perfection, and innate aesthetic skills are combined with the most advanced surgical techniques, enabling him to provide the finest available treatments for hair loss. He is trained in and able to offer his patients all of the different hair restoration techniques, including follicular unit micrografting, megasession transplantation, surgical hairline advancement with and without tissue expansion, and laser skin resurfacing of scalp scarring. In addition, with his reputation as perhaps the world's leader in beard, eyebrow, pubic, and chest hair restoration, he can provide specialized techniques to further help the FTM and MTF patient achieve the sexual appearance they desire. Furthermore, with his extensive experience in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Epstein is also able to offer other aesthetic solutions, including primary and revision rhinoplasty, chin reduction and augmentation, brow bone reduction, and the delicate Adam's apple reduction procedure (laryngochondroplasty).

With regards to MTF hair loss, patients who have already or plan to undergo orchiectomy surgery, the removal of the source of testosterone, and/or are taking estrogen, can help arrest the hair loss situation. They are also usually taking estrogen medication which can help in this same regard. This helps assure the longest lasting results of the hair restoration.

Click transgender hair restoration to see before and after photos from patients who had undergone transgender hair restoration and hairline correction procedures.

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