World Congress for Hair Research

WCHR conference in Edinburgh Scotland for world's hair biology scientists and hair restoration research specialists, with presentation by Dr. Nigam on Follicle Neogenesis using DP Dermal Papilla cells.

Human Hair Follicle Neogenesis using
Microenvironmentally reprogrammed dermal papilla cells

The abstract or conclusion below was discussed at World Congress for Hair Research WCHR 2013 Edinburgh which was attended by Dr. Nigam as well as world renowned scientists Dr. Colin Jahoda from Durham University and Dr. Angela Christiano from Columbia University, among many other top notch hair biology scientists in the world.

Abstract: "Human dermal papilla cells lose their inductive potential when expanded in culture. Growth of cells in dermal spheroids partially restores both the..." click World Congress for Hair Research to read the entire discussion and conclusion on this top. 

Dr. Nigam's Donor Doubling, hair multiplication and other new hair restoration techniques are largely unproven with a lot of unknowns, this is for information purpose only in order for us to learn more about the legitimacy of his technique and is not an endorsement of the procedure by HairSite. Below is a reprint from Dr. Nigam's website and is not endorsed or approved by HairSite by any means. Readers are invited to raise questions concerning the validity of this new unproven technique with very limited patient results. Do not proceed with a procedure until you have learned of all the facts and potential side effects associated with the procedure.