hair transplant, the latest innovation in hair restoration now available at Sure Hair Medical's Toronto clinic as well as other locations across Ontario Canada.

Toronto main surgical facility located at 2115 Finch Ave West, Suite #401, Toronto, ON M3N 2V6


This is the biggest innovation in FUE technology since it's invention over 10 years ago. ARTAS Robotic FUE hair transplant gives patients the same benefits as traditional FUE procedures but with much needed accuracy and precision, all because of a highly advanced and totally customizable computerized system that is programmed to deliver the most precise protocol in hair restoration. One of the most commonly cited problems with traditional FUE is fatigue syndrome and human errors of the surgeon due to the repetitive and labor intensive nature of the extraction process. With ARTAS robotic FUE technology, FUE procedures are completely redefined. Doctors and surgeons can now eliminate human errors from every procedure and give patients near perfection accuracy throughout the entire treatment.

Why The ARTAS™ System Is better?

1)Virtually eliminates any hair transplant side effects because the Artas™ system requires no linear incision and therefore does not leave a linear scar like most conventional hair transplant techniques.

2) Computer precision produces excellent results with much greater consistency than manually extracted FUE donor hair grafts.

3) Minimally invasive so you can return to your regular activities within a few days, usually within just 2 or 3 days.

4) Because the computer guided robotic extraction of hair is so precise donor hair is never damaged, resulting in a thicker hair transplant and greater overall hair growth in the transplanted area.

5) Wear your hair at any length or style it any way with confidence, even shave your head because there is no scar or unnatural looking dot pattern on the back of your head to conceal.

6) Computerized Image guided mapping automatically selects the highest quality donor hair for the most natural looking hairlines.

7) Image guided precision allows the Artas system to target and select the perfect soft hairs for transplantation to the hairline resulting in a natural feathered looking hairline as opposed to a harsh unnatural looking hairline.

8) An Artas™ FUE hair transplant allows Sure Hair medical team to dramatically improve the final result while reducing the overall cost of an FUE hair transplant because you do not require hours and hours of manual labour from a skilled surgeon to extract the FUE hair grafts, thus reducing the cost, and since the Artas™ system is more precise then any human being can be the final result is also improved.