Toronto Hair Transplant Surgery

what to expect at Sure Hair Clinic located at 2115 Finch Ave West, Suite #401, Toronto, ON M3N 2V6

What to expect the day of the surgery
provided by Sure Hair

Upon Arrival - Upon arrival at the clinic, our specialized friendly technicians will begin by ensuring that all paperwork is completed, this will then be followed by a brief summary of the procedure. You will then have a pre-surgical consultation with Dr. Ferreira whereby he will mark your prearranged new hairline and address any last minute questions or concerns you may have.

Anesthetics - The procedure itself take anywhere from 8-12 hours. Obviously larger sessions will take more time. We use only local anesthetic and a mild sedative to help you relax before the procedure. Most people say that the whole procedure is a lot more comfortable than many dental appointments. Our patients get to sit back in a chair and watch a video. In fact about 50% of our patients fall asleep during the procedure.

Removal and Dissection of Donor Hair - We are able to transplant one hair follicle at a time as they exist in their natural state. The hair comes out as grafts or follicular units. We will take the donor hair from the back of the head and transplant it one hair at a time on top into the thinning area. We use the most advanced stereoscopic microscopes to dissect the hair into their naturally occurring follicular units. Each follicular unit is like a tiny tube of tissue surrounding the hairs. This is the natural state of how hair grows. Each follicular unit (grafts) has one, two, three or sometimes four hairs. On average each follicular unit has about almost 3 hairs.

Preparation of Receiver Sites - The creation of the receiver or recipient sites for the donor hair is a central part of the procedure. The placement of these sites will determine the aesthetic result of the entire hair transplant surgery. The placement of these sites will also determine the angle in which the new hair will grow as well as the density of the hair itself. This part of the procedure requires longstanding experience as well as a finely honed aesthetic eye.

Donor Hair Insertion - We perform the procedure by taking a small strip of hair from the back and/or side of your head. The doctor will make a small thin cut to remove some of the hair from the back of the head. This strip is given to our staff who use a microscope to dissect the hair into their naturally occurring individual hair follicles .The area at the back of the head is stitched closed and the stitches are removed seven days later. There is no worry that anything will happen to the back of the head where the hair is taken from. It will not show after the surgery since it is well hidden by your own hair.

Things you need to know - You would need a mega/ medium/ small session (circle) to help your degree of hair loss (largest session possible). The procedure itself take anywhere from 8-12 hours. Obviously larger sessions take more time. We use only local anesthetic and a mild sedative for the procedure.

You are awake and alert for the procedure. You will be able to walk out of the procedure and go home the same day. We do ask you to have someone pick you up after the procedure since we like to give our patients a relaxing pill to make it easier to sit in the chair. Most people are a bit nervous and the medication helps the patient stay at ease. What this means is that we don’t want you to drive home. The only discomfort is for a few seconds when the freezing is injected.

It is expected that you will get some swelling around the head and eyes about three days afterwards. It will not be painful but it will be noticeable. Most people take nothing for pain after a day or two but we do supply any medications you would need. If you wanted no one to notice that you had the procedure done, you would have to take about 5-7 days off. However, you will feel well enough to work the next day assuming you do not do any heavy lifting. Once again, if you want to be undetectable you need a few days off but you will be physically well enough and comfortable enough to carry on with most of your activities the next day. You can wear a hat so that the transplanted area is hidden.

You will heal with a thin scar from where the hair is taken which will never be obvious unless you shave your head. There is no effect on the fullness or thickness of your hair in the area from where it is taken.

Almost everyone will get a very thin scar that is undetectable as long as your hair is long enough to cover the scar. It is uncommon to have a wide or poor scar although all patients have different healing characteristics that may not allow for a very fine scar.

1. The transplant is permanent. The hair continues to grow forever because it is taken form a genetically protected area.

2. The hair grows 100% naturally. No one will be able to tell that you have had a hair transplant because the hair is removed and inserted the same way nature intended. There is no special need for any treatments or to go to a special barber etc. You treat the hair exactly like your own hair because it is! It grows normally. The transplanted hair grows forever. After the transplant, the hair starts growing between the third and fourth month and you will see about 60% of the final result at six months. You will see about 90-95% of the final result at one year. We give a money back guarantee that the majority of the hair will grow.

3. We do offer extra services to our patients which include a laser comb, SureThik® shampoo and serum all of which are designed to strengthen and thicken hair as well keep your own existing hair (i.e. your own hair present before the transplant.) The treatments can also help to keep all your hair, including the transplanted hair, at peak health.

4. If you have some hair on the top of your head, this is beneficial because it will blend in nicely with the transplanted hair to give an overall density greater than if you had a totally bald head. You will look much younger and more age appropriate when the hair all grows in. The effect can be dramatic.

5. We can cover about 1/2 -2/3 of the top of your head in one mega session going from front to back. We always prefer to work from the front to the back because once you fix the front and frame the face this gives the most dramatic results. From the front, we can usually get to a distance that is level with the middle of your ear or about four to five finger widths back. Another way to put this is, that starting from front to back we can usually get to the distance that would be the middle of your ear. Some people can get a lot more, a few a little less. However, one session will completely change the way you look. You can comb the hair back once it grows in to give more coverage.

6. One good transplant can deliver about 30% of your original hair density. We know that it only takes 50% of the original density to get a full look. What this means that a person who has a totally bald head will achieve a dramatically improved look but will have an “early thinning look” after one transplant. If a person has a totally bald head, one transplant will achieve good results but the patient will still have a “see through” look.

7. We have special packages that will include the laser comb shampoo and serum. Each of these products works to strengthen any weak hairs. They also allow healthy hair to look their fullest and their best. Let us know if you are interested. All of these products can be used with the transplant and many doctors believe that they work best together with the transplant to keep you hair looking great. However they are effective in your own non-transplanted hair as well.

8. Some patients who have some existing hair before the transplant may experience a bit of shock loss as a result of the transplant. This means that some of the hair that there before the transplant will fall out. This is almost always temporary and the hair will almost always grow back over the next six to nine months. In rare cases, if the hair present before the transplant was going to fall out in the near future, for example in the next year, the hair may not grow back.
Some people may choose to have more work done in the future. The transplanted hair is considered to stay permanently. However, some people may want to have more work done in the future to increase the density and fullness of the transplant. Furthermore, if you have continued hair loss in the future, you may need more work done. One transplant can never be a guarantee that more work will not need to be done in the future.
The hair transplant can be put in between any existing hairs which will add to the overall density. The results can be dramatic. Anyone with some hair already on top of their head gets an even better result. Any hair on top of your head will add to the overall density and some people look quite full after one transplant. We only have so much hair to work with. Nature can put your hair closer together than science can. However, a hair transplant will change your look significantly since it only takes 50% of your original density to look full. In the transplant world it is considered wasteful to try and transplant to a density greater than 50% in any given area since it already looks full.