Uni-Strand Hair Transplant

available at Sure Hair Medical at their Toronto surgical facility located at 2115 Finch Ave West, Suite #401, Toronto, ON M3N 2V6

Superior to the then FUE Transplant method and exclusively available at Sure Hair International

reprinted with permission from Sure Hair

Uni Strand Strip Method or Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation is a hair restoration procedure where hair is transplanted exactly in its naturally occurring follicular unit. These follicular units occur in groups of one to four hairs. We take these units from microscopic tissue that has been dissected from a narrow strip containing the hair and root. The narrow strip is removed from the “donor area”. The donor area is located at the back of the head, just below occipital bone.

How it works

We will begin by taping the hair on the sides and/or back with hair clips. We will cover an area approximately 1 cm. wide by 6-30 cm (depending on how much hair is required and the size of session booked.) We will only trim the hair in this area. The rest of the hair will not be cut or changed allowing you for a normal hair style that can be easily maintained after your transplant. We make sure that the hair above the incision covers your sutures, making the donor area virtually invisible.

After completely freezing the area with local anesthetic we carefully remove all the hair in the donor strip. We will then dose the area where the strip was taken from using a single stitch. The actual incision time is less than two minutes, but the preparation time can take up to 20 minutes to ensure you do not feel any discomfort.

In order to remove Follicular Units from the back of the scalp without damaging them, the donor tissue must be removed in one piece. This technique is called “Uni Strand Strip Method.”

The individual Follicular Units are then separated from the donor strip and dissected under a powerful microscope to create the perfect “Uni Graft”. These grafts are stored in a special holding solution and refrigerated while awaiting placement in the bald or thinning scalp (the recipient area). We are now ready to plant the new hairs into the recipient area.