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Dr. Klein's Hair Loss Formula

dr klein hair loss results

Dr. Klein's Promox and Remox formula - Doctor prescribed prescription strength formula for men and women with hair loss and thinning hair.  Below are some before and after photo results from actual patients who had used Dr. Klein's formula after their personal consultation.

Different formulations may be prescribed to different individuals. Every patient is treated as unique with a customized formula that caters to his or her own needs. Some may require super strength growth stimulant such as high potency 15% minoxidil whiles others may focus more on anti-inflammatory agents such as hydrocortisone or anti-androgens such as spironolactone etc. There is no one formula that works for every patient.

Every patient must go through a free consultation with one of Dr. Klein's Formula's doctors before he or she can obtain a Prescription Strength treatment. Start your FREE consultation now by clicking on the button below. No fee, no obligation.