Dr. Chaudhry FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Plus a variation and improved version of traditional FUE now available at Dr. M. Jawad Chaudhry's clinic located at Rehman Shaheed Road Opposite Service Industry Gujrat-50700, in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.

Dr. Jawad is constantly improving and refining existing techniques and waste no time adopting the new variation and improvement of traditional FUE technique and offer FUE PLUS to his patients.

This is the latest method of FUE follicular unit extraction in Pakistan by Gujrat hair transplant Pakistan without shaving of donor area.

In traditional hair transplant surgery using the strip method, the suture wound or linear scar immediately post op can be easily concealed or camouflaged because there is no shaving involved when preparing the patient's donor site for surgery. However, with FUE, the patient is required to shave all or most of the back of his head in order to facilitate donor harvesting in the donor site. This often presents a challenge for the patient immediately post op as the donor site is shaved and will take a few weeks for the hair to grow back before the donor is covered again.

With the Gujrat hair transplant latest FUE no shaving method, there is no more need of shaving and feel awkward. This new technique is labeled FUE Plus, a special technique used successfully for the last several years at GHT. The one drawback for FUE Plus is that only smaller sessions can be performed using this technique and it is more suitable for women where shaving the head is a big concern.

Indications for FUE -Plus or Mini -FUE:
• Women hair loss;
• Small hair line sessions;
• Fill in areas where further hair loss has progressed;
• Touch-up as needed