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 Women Hair Transplant
 ACell Regeneration

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 Hair Transplant Repair
 Transgender Hair Restoration
 Platelet Rich Plasma PRP

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Dr. Jawad Chaudhry Patient Results - Current = 6
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Total - Published Results = 6

No Touch Technique

According to Dr. Jawad Chaudhry, his clinic offers the latest No Touch Technique. “No Touch” technique refers to follicular units being extracted (FUE) and automatically inserted into a cylinder tube like device. It holds the follicular unit without damaging, then use it to insert the graft into recipient sites eliminating the human touch factor. This technique make the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) easier than before with a minimal of human meddling thus theoretically increase the yield and survival rate of each donor follicle. HairSite has not verified the claims and statements made by Dr. Chaudhry clinic.