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Reduce Extress Estrogen Naturally

reduce excess estrogen naturally
reduce excess estrogen naturally

Finasteride users - Reduce Estrogen Naturally

Today’s topic on how to reduce estrogen naturally is brought to you by Dr. Arvind Poswal’s hair clinic. Dr. Arvind aka Dr. A is the founder of the top ranked #1 hair restoration clinic in the world according to HairSite’s patient result statistics.

Finasteride is the active ingredient in the brand name medication Propecia. Propecia which contains 1 mg Finasteride is presently the only medication approved by the FDA for the treatment of pattern baldness in men and sometimes women. Finasteride in 5mg dose is also prescribed for the treatment of benign prostate enlargement in men.

Finasteride is an inhibitor which blocks the conversion of 5-alpha reductase to DHT or dihydrotestosterone. Many believe DHT is one of the main reasons men losing their hair.

Finasteride Raises Estrogen Levels?

As with all medications, side effects are unavoidable. There is no exception for Finasteride. According to an article published in the National Library of Medicine (NLM), there are indeed cases of gynecomastia or male breast tissue enlargement linked to finasteride users. The article further points out that Finasteride works by decreasing the conversion of testosterone to DHT and this inhibition leads to increased conversion of testosterone to estrogen in our body. Some believe that the excess estrogen levels are responsible for finasteride side effects, including male breast tissue development.

Lower or Reduce Estrogen Levels with Medications

There are actually medications that can lower or reduce estrogen levels in the body. For example, aromatase inhibitors such as Arimidex and Tamoxifen. However, we are not a big advocate of using one medication to counter the side effects of another. As a matter of fact, both Arimidex and Tamoxifen are commonly prescribed for women with breast cancer so just the thought of taking these medications is a bit unnerving.

So here let’s look at things we can do to lower or reduce excess estrogen naturally in our body.

Reduce Excess Estrogen Naturally – Facts vs Fiction

The internet and social media have an abundance of information on things we can do to reduce excess estrogen naturally. The problem is that very often, when something is repeated often enough, the audience has a tendency to believe that the information must be true without verifying the validity of the claims or the source of the information.

Here, we look at some of the popular claims that are made by various sources on how we can reduce estrogen level in the body. What’s Factual and What’s Fiction.

1. Stop Your Medications?

If excess estrogen is indeed caused by certain medications that you use, talk to your doctor about stopping the medications. This is especially important for people who are using finasteride for hair loss. Nowadays, there are new and effective treatments for hair loss that make finasteride unnecessary considering the potential side effects associated with the medication.

In a study published in the International Journal of Trichology, it was reported that stopping finasteride led to major reduction in gynecomastia within two months for some patients. So definitely, stopping certain medications can in fact reduce excess estrogen from the body. This is a fact that is properly backed up by scientific studies.

For more info, refer to “Finasteride induced Gynecomastia: Case report and Review of the Literature” , International Journal of Trichology, authored by Yuval Ramot, Tali Czarnowicki, and Abraham Zlotogorski.

2. Sugar Raises Estrogen?

Sugar has a bad reputation these days. No doubt about that. Many sources and especially so called social media influencers are also pointing to sugar as a potential culprit in elevated estrogen level in our body. So on what basis do these social media influencers claim that sugar can raise your estrogen level?

Our findings – we have searched some of the world’s most authoritative platforms for research journals and nothing came up suggesting a direct link between sugar and increase in estrogen level in the body. Granted, sugar consumption can lead to obesity and weight gain which ultimately and invariably can cause a spike in our estrogen level as a result of various health conditions. However, issuing a blanket statement asking people to stay away from sugar because it can raise estrogen level is bad advice to say the least.

3. Cow’s Milk & Estrogen

It has been widely speculated that consuming cow’s milk and certain dairy products can lead to a rise in estrogen in the body.

Our findings - Modern farming techniques allow genetically modified dairy cows to lactate throughout almost the entire pregnancy.   In recent years, there are increasing evidence indicating excess hormones in dairy products as possible impact on human health including the role of some estrogens and insulin-like growth factor in provoking breast and prostate tumors.

This is a valid concern substantiated by scientific studies. So avoiding cow’s milk may indeed help reduce excess estrogen in our body.

Refer to “Hormones in Dairy Foods and Their Impact on Public Health" - A Narrative Review Article published by Hassan MALEKINEJAD1 and Aysa REZABAKHSH, Tehran University of Medical Sciences for details.

4. Soy Milk Raises Estrogen?

I urge you not to rely on what people say on the internet about soy milk and estrogen. You need to look at all the scientific studies yourself and form your opinion on this.

The internet and social media are flooded with these “expert” opinions claiming that soy milk or soy products will definitively raise your estrogen levels and should be avoided at all cost. Well, it is not that simple. It is certainly not a simple issue about organic vs genetically modified soy products.

Do yourself a favor, check out all the medical journals on the topic. This is a highly contested topic with medical journals and scientific studies showing conflicting results at every turn.

5. Cruciferous Vegetables Reduce Excess Estrogen?

Cruciferous vegetables refer to produce such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and kale etc. This is a definite YES in helping us reduce excess estrogen naturally in the body. These vegetables contain a compound called indole-3-carbinole and is essential in helping us metabolize and reduce excess estrogen naturally and even prevent cancer.

This one is the real deal. There are plenty of scientific studies on the topic, for example:

“Altered estrogen metabolism and excretion in humans following consumption of indole-3-carbinol", published by Michnovicz JJ1, Bradlow HL, Institute for Hormone Research, New York, NY.

"Trends in Cruciferous Vegetable Consumption and Associations with Breast Cancer Risk: A Case-Control Study", Department of Cancer Prevention and Control, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY.

Advice for Finasteride Users

People who are using finasteride for hair loss should realize that it is an unwise decision to subject yourself to side effects caused by finasteride. Potential sexual side effects, breast tissue enlargement, mood swings and even depression are some of the possible side effects that can be associated with finasteride.

Nowadays there are new advances in hair loss treatment that can give most people a cosmetically acceptable improvement without using medications of any sort.

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