Hair Transplant Artistic Design
is the soul of every hair transplant, a hair transplant is not considered successful without good artistry to bring the medical hair restoration to live.

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The interaction between art and science plays a very prominent role in achieving natural and aesthetically pleasing results in Hair restoration surgery. Hair restoration is considered more art than medicine and science.

It is essential that the surgeon and the patient understand the natural process of ageing and the way hairline changes with age. This is important in achieving an age specific and face specific hairline. In many ways hair restoration is a flawed science as we are trying to replace an area that had a lot of hair with a lot less hair. Hence it is important to strategize and make the best use of available hair.

Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics in humans is defined by the golden ratio. This number, universally recognized as ideal, is usually rounded to 1.62. It is also known generally as divine proportion, phi (Φ) in Geometry, Fibonacci numbers in India and feng shui in Asia. This ratio 1:1.62 is nature's symmetry and occurs naturally in life. Da Vinci himself used it when he drew the perfect human male body in his famous work the Virtruvian Man. The premise behind this is that the closer a face or object is to the golden number 1.62, the more beautiful it becomes. And hence a male ticking all the boxes close to the ratio, but with lack of hair can in theory be classified as unattractive.

The simplest formula to use is to measure the length of the face and divide it by the width at the widest part of your face. The closer this number is to 1.62, the more beautiful it is judged to be subconsciously.

Dr Stephen Marquartdt developed a facial mask as a measurement of classic beauty to help plastic surgeons align facial features for more symmetrical accuracy based on a series of rectangles, triangles and decagons. Lack of hair or a receding hairline can severely compromise the ratios.

In men however, we make use of the Golden ratio to define attractiveness in a different format called the Adonis Index. This index takes into account various features of the body like the width of the shoulders relative to the waist.

As a rule of thumb, we divide the face into three equal parts, click ART in Hair Restoration to read more about this topic.

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