Why FUE Hair Transplant?
discover the benefits of FUE hair transplant and why it is the preferred technique for hair transplantation and hair restoration according to top surgeons in the world.

Benefits of Third Generation FUE

There are a lot of misconceptions about FUE. This stems from lack of understanding of the concepts involved in FUE. In the strip surgery (FUT), a strip of hair bearing skin is dissected from the back of the scalp and then individual grafts are trimmed and transferred to the recipient area of the scalp.

Main issues that are generally overlooked when counseling patients for a strip surgery are:

1. Quality control

After the strip is dissected, it is generally passed on to a team of technicians who trim the strip into individual grafts. During the process of trimming there is an unknown entity that comes into play. That is the skill and motivation of the technician. Hence it is a known fact that surgeons that have consistent teams achieve far better results than someone that relies on freelance technicians. Whilst exploring an option of a strip surgery, it is advisable for the patient to meet the team or get to know the team that will be operating.

2. Scarring

It is well known fact that strip surgery can produce significant scarring in the donor area, when performed by untrained hands. A simple test a patient can perform is to pinch the back of a scalp to check for signs of laxity. If the client is known to have a tight scalp the chances of poor scarring with a strip surgery increases exponentially.

3. Placement of grafts

Historically strip surgery has been promoted as a surgery that has better outcomes because of the presence of galar fat at the bottom of the grafts. Whilst it might offer better leverage for the technicians whilst replacing the grafts, studies have shown that the growth of grafts is not dependant on the presence of the galar fat. With improvements in extraction and placement of grafts by FUE, the outcomes are much better than with a strip surgery.

4. Quality of grafts

During the process of extraction of follicles using a strip surgery the number of follicles per graft is significantly less compared to that extracted by FUE. This is because most of the grafts that are extracted with a strip surgery have follicles containing single and double hairs. Whereas with an FUE, the surgeon has complete control over the grafts and he can pick and choose the ones that give maximum benefit to the client.

5. Scarring

There is a common misconception that FUE leads to pitting scarring. Though it is a fact that badly performed FUE can lead to visible “dot” like marks on the back of the scalp, with improvements in FUE and with the use of Acell, the chances of visible scarring is negligible and by following certain protocols and extraction there is evidence to suggest that the scarring is almost invisible.

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