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Dr. Ray Woods Hair Transplant

Inventor of FUE and BHT, Dr. Ray Woods offers the world's first FUE follicular unit extraction hair transplant procedure at his Sydney clinic at 275 Old Canterbury Road Dulwich Hill NSW 2203 Australia.

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Dr. Ray Woods is the most celebrated name in hair transplantation in the 21st century highly respected in our community as the famous and controversial inventor of two great inventions that totally revolutionize how hair transplantation is done nowadays: FUE and BHT techniques.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. According to Dr. Woods, this technique allows hair restoration to be performed with NO KNIFE, NO SCALPEL, NO STITCHES, NO LINEAR SCAR. Truly minimally invasive compared to the traditional technique and fast healing time.

With FUE, Dr. Woods is also able to perform BHT or Body Hair Transplantation where donor follicles are taken from chest, arms and other areas and transplanted to thinning or balding areas in the scalp.

Some major accomplishments:

fonticon-article inventor of the world famous FUE and BHT hair restoration techniques that totally changed the landscape in hair transplantation in the world.

fonticon-article first in the world to publish FUE and Body Hair Transplant results in a peer reviewed medical journal.

fonticon-article first in the world to officially document the use of body hair as donor for hair transplant repair victims.

fonticon-article first in the world to offer Declaration of Patient Rights for hair transplant patients.

fonticon-article first in the world to use real time live display camera in all hair transplant procedures so that the patient can witness the whole process and verify for themselves how each donor follicle is transplanted to the recipient site as well as the quantity transplanted.

fonticon-article first in the world to advocate the use of video to capture each patient's progress during the surgery.

fonticon-article No Legal Disclaimer Required - to our knowledge Dr. Ray Woods is the only Hair Transplantation Clinic in the western world where legal disclaimers and waivers are NOT REQUIRED. This is your guarantee of their ethical approach, confidence in their procedure and commitment that they are providing the safest and most perfect hair transplantation method possible.