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Dr. Woods - FUE Hair Transplant Needle Size

FUE Hair Transplant Needles analysis of pros and cons of 16 gauge to 25 gauge hair transplant incision needles for FUE follicular unit extraction hair restoration procedures.

FUE hair transplant needle size
FUE Needle Size, the smaller the number the finer the needle

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First Officially Documented Hairline Reconstruction Surgery Using 25 Gauge Needle: The Ultimate Strive For Precision, Accuracy & Artistry*

World's First Hairline Reconstruction Surgery Using 25 Gauge Needle

FUE hair transplant needle size
FUE hair transplant needle size

Widely recognized as one of the "safest" names for surgical hair transplant, Dr. Ray Woods is breaking new grounds again with yet another breakthrough in hair transplantation advancements. In November 2003, Dr. Woods brought us the world's first officially documented hairline reconstruction surgery using 25 gauge needle - a revolutionary technique that offers unprecedented precision, accuracy and artistry to surgical hair restoration.

Dr. Ray Woods Unparalleled Accomplishments in the Hair Transplant Industry

Dr. Ray Woods is undeniably the driving force behind hair transplant innovations in the past 5 years. Championed as the "gold standard" for Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplantation techniques, The Woods Technique has triggered an irreversible trend in the hair transplantation industry toward minimally invasive surgical procedures. Invented and perfected by Dr. Woods, this micro-surgical technique is now the world's most sought after alternative to traditional hair transplant procedures.

FUE needle size
FUE needle size

Know your needles
Size Does Matter !

FUE hair transplant is a micro surgical procedure that requires the utmost attention to details. Choice of surgical instrument is critical as it affects how refined the procedure can be executed. The finer the instrument, the more refined the results and the lesser the trauma to the patient. Follicular units that are harvested from the donor site are typically transplanted to the balding areas by means of a needle.

Needles measurement go from gauge 16, gauge 18, gauge 19 and up to gauge 25. The higher the gauge number the smaller the instrument. Up till now, most FUE procedures are performed using gauge 21 needles. Occasionally some very experienced surgeons may use gauge 23 needles on their patients. That being said, it is not uncommon that some doctors are still relying on the larger and more invasive gauge 18 needles on their patients. All in all, the general consensus is that gauge 23 needle is probably the limit for even the most skillful doctors who wish to go that extra step for their patients in creating a natural hairline.

Without the proper brush sets, a painter's artistic flair will not be realized to its fullest potential

FUE surgical photo
FUE Surgical Photo

In November 2003, Dr. Woods breaks new grounds again by bringing the world's first officially documented hairline reconstruction work using a combination of 25 gauge and 23 gauge needles. The advantage of using the ultra micro 25 gauge needle is many folds. First, a smaller instrument means that less trauma will be inflicted to the recipient site of the patient. There is less possibility of visible scarring as a result of the procedure and healing time tends to be significantly faster. When used in the hands of a skilled surgeon, combining the 25 gauge and 23 gauge needles allows for the greatest degree in precision, accuracy, artistry and craftsmanship for hairline work. It also enables the surgeon to precisely pinpoint the target site without causing trauma to surrounding follicles, one of the most commonly cited concerns of patients who still have a fair amount of hair. 25 gauge needles are never used indiscriminately on all patients. Each patient is evaluated on an individual basis by Dr. Woods. Depending on the patient's hair texture, hair density, thinning pattern, and the kind of hairline reconstruction work required, Dr. Woods decides the extent to which 25 gauge needles should be used in creating the most natural and artistically pleasing results for their patients.

The needles are like a painter's brush sets. The skills to master the 25 gauge needle is an indispensable component in all top notch hair transplant doctors' arsenal. Without the proper brush sets, a painter's artistic flair will not be realized to its fullest potential.

*At the time when this article was published (Jan 24, 2004), Dr. Ray Woods was already using 27 gauge needles for hairline repair work.

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