Dr. Woods Hair Transplant Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Dr. Ray Woods in Sydney Australia for his revolutionary FUE & BHT invention that completely and forever changed how hair transplants are done in the 21st century.

an AWARD that

Best in class. Best of the Best. Unique in every way and revolutionary by any standards. An achievement that signals the dawn of a new era in hair restoration; an award that epitomizes a doctor’s pursuit of perfection.

Dr. Ray Woods, Australia - HairSite's Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
hairsite lifetime achievement awarddr ray woods hair transplant
Inventor of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) & BHT (Body Hair Transplant)

Inventor of
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"Do No Harm!" - according to Dr. Woods

Dr. Ray Woods (Sydney, Australia), the world renowned inventor and pioneer in FUE (follicular unit extraction) and BHT (body hair transplant) who forever and totally transformed hair transplantation worldwide and single handedly ushered in the 21st century for a field that is notoriously resistant to change. The influence of FUE and BHT is so pervasive nowadays that almost every clinic in the world feels compelled to “claim” that they offer FUE and/or BHT in order to stay competitive in the industry, even though the vast majority of them only practice this cutting-edge technique on a part time or amateurish basis.

Dr. Ray Woods perfected his proprietary FUE technique in the mid 90s and introduced this as a much needed alternative to traditional strip harvesting procedures.

In the early 2000s Dr. Ray Woods decided to showcase his new inventions (FUE & BHT) to audience around the world but only met with the most scathing criticisms from his peers and an avalanche of doubts and cynicisms from the general public. The concept of a minimally invasive hair transplant technique that involves no linear scar and no stitches simply did not resonate with the medical community at that time, largely due to unfounded skepticism and fear of anything new that might challenge the status quo. Fast forward to 2015, after nearly two decades of openly published patient results on various platforms worldwide showing remarkable transformations for all his patients, all critics are silenced. Dr. Ray Woods has truly established himself as the de facto gold standards for FUE and BHT procedures in the world. The world finally wakes up to the reality that hair transplantation does not have to be a flesh-stripping, follicle-dissecting and scars-inflicting experience for the patient. The only avalanche we see now is the outpour of praises from Dr. Ray Woods’ patients and validation from the general public and medical community. Instead of casting doubts on this amazing invention, doctors and clinics around the world are scrambling to associate themselves with the term “FUE” in order to elevate their status.

Give credit where credit is due, and this one is long overdue; 20+ years in the making. It all started with one man, one vision. It is our responsibility here at HairSite’s to honor and validate the vision of this great doctor who single handedly brought FUE & BHT into the mainstream. Do no harm, one follicle at a time. A world renowned achievement that happens only once in a lifetime.

One doctor, one vision, one follicle at a time, all under the unyielding principle of "DO NO HARM"according to Dr. Woods.

Congratulations to our Lifetime Achievement Award winner – Dr. Ray Woods.

Thank you for taking hair transplantation
to the 21st century !!

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