Dr. Woods Hair Transplant Ranking

Dr. Ray Woods, Sydney, Australia is the #1 top ranked hair transplant doctor in Australia according to HairSite's patient statistics compiled based on successful patient results published in our open forum since 1997.

HairSite top ranked award

Top Ranked #1
Hair Transplant Clinic in the Australia
based on HairSite Ranking statistics

79published patient results HairSite top ranked award
12 years of uninterrupted records hairsite top ranked award

Specialties *

 FUE Hair Transplant
 Body Hair Transplant
 Hair Transplant Repair

 Donor Extraction Monitoring
 Beard Hair Transplant
 Maximum Yield

HairSite Score ∗∗
based on patient results published

Dr. Woods Patient Results - Current = 42
Dr. Woods Patient Results - 2009 & Prior = 37
Total - Published Results = 79

Best in CLASS
Top Ranked #1 in Australia

What does this AWARD mean?

This is the highest honor for any hair transplant clinic or doctor in Australia, the No 1 ranking in patient results verified by HairSite. This is the top award for the absolute BEST in the business, no other doctor or clinic in Australia has published as many patient results as Dr. Ray Woods in our community.

Dr. Ray Woods is by far THE most celebrated name in the history of hair transplantation. As the world renowned inventor of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Body Hair Transplant (BHT) with the strictest standards in the industry, Dr. Woods' name commands respect and admiration from his peers as well as patients around the world. Dr. Ray Woods single handedly revolutionized how hair transplants are performed nowadays. His game changing inventions opened new possibilities in hair transplantation that were never thought possible before and have changed the lives of tens of thousands of hair loss sufferers worldwide.

Dr. Ray Woods' inventions and techniques are revered as the GOLD STANDARD for FUE and BHT procedures. His strive for perfection set new thresholds as to how hair transplants ought to be performed.

Congratulations to Dr. Ray Woods for
another award to his impressive accolades!!