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Dr. Robert Jones
hair transplant clinic treating hair loss patients with the latest and most innovative techniques at his Toronto clinic located at 435 Reynolds Street Suite 206, Oakville, Ontario Canada.

When it comes to hair restoration, Dr. Robert Jones is definitely one of the most recognizable names in our community. As the anchor contributor in our open forum and featured physician on our advisory board for over 10 years, Dr. Jones has established himself as one of the most trustworthy doctors in the world.

Always at the forefront in advanced hair restoration techniques, Dr. Jones is one of the very few in the world who offers the broadest range of hair restoration treatments to both men and women, including:

  • FUE minimally invasive hair tranpslant
  • Body hair transplant
  • Beard hair transplant
  • Follicular unit hair transplant
  • Hair transplant strip scars repair
  • Mega session
  • Dense packing
  • Eyebrow transplant
  • Eyelash transplant
  • Women hair transplant
  • Scalp micro pigmentation

In addition, Dr. Jones' pursuit in advanced technologies and innovation also inspired him to be among the first in the world to experiment with cell based hair therapy involving use of Platelet Rich Plasma and ACell cell regeneration compound for the treatment of hair loss.

Dr. Jones offers FREE consultation to all his patients. Even though Dr. Jones' surgical clinic is located in Toronto Canada, a vast majority of his patients actually travel from all over the world to receive treatment from him. If you are not available to visit Dr. Jones' Toronto/Oakville clinic for an in person consultation, you are welcome to contact him by email, phone or skype for a virtual consultation. Email info@drrobertjones.com to schedule.