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Vera Clinic Hair Restoration & Cosmetic, Istabul, Turkey


  • FUE

    follicular unit extraction hair transplant

  • Sapphire Hair Transplant

    more precision, less downtime, better results

  • OxyCure

    enhanc graft survival; reduce swelling

  • Afro Hair Transplant

    African Carribean hair transplant

  • Eyebrow

    eyebrow hair transplant

  • FUT

    strip hair transplant for maximum efficiency

  • Facial Hair

    beard, moustache, sideburn hair transplant

  • Hairline

    superb hairline & overall artistry

  • Aftercare

    best in class post op after care

  • Women

    women hair transplant

About Vera Hair Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey

Founded in Istanbul, Turkey for almost a decade ago by a team of medical specialists, Vera Clinic has witnessed the transformation of over 23,000 patients and established itself as one of the most prominent destinations for hair restoration and cosmetic procedures in the world.

Our mission is to revolutionize the hair transplant and cosmetic surgery industry and to leave a solid print in the medical field with our constant contributions.

Through our state-of-the-art facilities equipped with cutting edge technologies and a relentless pursuit of perfection, we seek to earn a reputation for consistent and outstanding patient care . For every individual patient that seeks our medical expertise, we promise to make their every visit a rewardable and remarkable journey.

Vera Hair Clinic - Istanbul, Turkey

Home of the leading hair transplant and cosmetic procedure specialists in Turkey

For a complete listing of Vera Hair Clinic's medical team - visit www.veraclinic.net


Vera Clinic - European Awards in Medicine

The European Awards in Medicine

The European Awards in Medicine was created with the intention to promote excellence in science, technology and medicine. Every year, the Award is given to the BEST IN CLASS across multiple fields and disciplines in various industries.

Vera Clinic is the proud recipient of 2021 European Awards in Medicine for the category of hair transplantation. Vera Clinic is only one of 2 clinics in Turkey that has ever been honored with such accolade.

It is our mission to be the BEST in the field of hair restoration both in terms of consistency and value for our patients. We strive to provide our patients with the most cutting edge in hair restoration technologies and will continue to improve and build upon this recognition by the European Awards in Medicine, ONE PATIENT AT A TIME.


Innovation at Vera Hair Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey

As part of the clinic's mission to be the best in the field, Vera Hair Clinic is always at the forefront in cutting-edge hair restoration technologies.  Vera Clinic's commitment to excellency can be found in some of the advanced technologies that you can rarely find at other hair transplant clinics.

Among some of the innovative procedures offered at Vera Clinic include:

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

A Sapphire hair transplant in Istanbul offers additional benefits compared to other hair transplant techniques, adding an extra level of precision for optimum results. Here are some of the benefits associated with a Sapphire hair transplant in Turkey:

  • Virtually invisible scars for a natural looking finish.
  • Minimal pain after your procedure.
  • Less downtime, allowing you to get back to normality.
  • Ensures a natural-looking hairline in your desired shape.
  • Less risk of complications in comparison to other treatments

How is a Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Performed at Vera Clinic?

  • FUE Sapphire treatment uses blades made of Sapphire stone to create incisions on the scalp for implantation.
  • Sapphire stone has been chosen as it influences the shape of the blade, impacting the overall result.
  • The V-shaped pin offers more intricacy over the regular U-shaped pin of steel blades.
  • A Sapphire hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure, creating permanent results without long recovery times.
OxyCure Hair Therapy

When patients choose OxyCure therapy in Turkey to complement a hair transplant, they can enjoy improved hair growth and results following the procedure. This is because OxyCure offers several benefits which include:

1. An Increased Survival Rate of Grafts

As previously mentioned, OxyCure therapy ensures that follicular units retain enough concentrations of oxygen carried in the plasma in order to survive the 3-day period before they connect to direct blood supply. Transplants carried out without OxyCure therapy complementing them typically lose around 30% of grafts as a result of low oxygen levels. With OxyCure, survival rates of follicular units rise to 98%.


2. Decreased Swelling

With any hair transplant, swelling occurs immediately and is a source of discomfort for patients following the procedure. With OxyCure therapy, oxygen is delivered directly to the scalp and therefore, eliminating the occurrence of swelling and the need for specialist post-surgery care, such as compression headbands etc. This lowers the number of lifestyle changes the patients will have to adhere to directly after surgery.


3. Reduced Recovery Period

After transplant surgery, the body is often left exhausted, but with OxyCure therapy, energy levels are boosted to aid the body in recovering faster. Instead of the regular two weeks recommended for full recovery, the period is lessened down by 50-70%.

To learn more about these and other advanced hair restoration technologies, visit www.VeraClinic.net

Hair Transplant Cost Vera Hair Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey

Cost is a big consideration for every hair transplant and cosmetic procedure. Nowhere are you going to find better values than at Vera Hair Clinic where world class results are available at a fraction of what you would have to pay in Europe, US or other parts of the world.

World Class FUE Hair Transplant Results You Can Afford

The average hair transplant cost can be around US$15,000 or higher in United Kingdom, United States and many parts of Europe. At Vera Clinic in Turkey, on the other hand, a world class FUE hair transplant can cost you as little as US$2,500. 

Of course, while cost is a big consideration, it shouldn't be the only consideration. An affordable hair transplant means nothing if the results are subpar. Viewers are encouraged to go over Vera Hair Clinic's before and after results to get an idea of the kind of results Vera has been producing for their patients over the years. 

Other Factors Besides Hair Transplant Cost

Other factors to consider besides hair transplant cost:

  1. State of the Art Clinical Facilities.


    Our hospital and clinical facilities are designed exclusively to cater to our standards as a pioneer of hair transplants as a science and an art. Vera Clinic hospital is equipped with all the cutting-edge technologies necessary for diagnosis, treatment, and surgery. Our operation theaters are instilled with the latest devices in the field to ensure your welfare throughout the procedure.   

  2. Hair Transplant Artistic Skills

    At Vera Clinic we integrate artistry into the profession and train our team from early on to perceive hair transplant as an art and not just a hair restoration treatment. The hairline and it’s design play a crucial role in altering facial structures and this understanding is what makes our results stand out from our competitors. Every hair transplant operation we perform is conducted carefully with an artists’ eye for detail and skill that complements the artistic vision of the physician. 

  3. Best in Class Medical Tourism

    Turkey has established itself as the leading country in the world for medical tourism especially when it comes to hair transplant and cosmetic proceudures. Many choose to travel to Turkey for medical tourism owing to its captivating nature, breath-taking scenery, and unique culture that make it an ideal destination for healing. Patients like to spend a few days after surgery taking in all the charm in Istanbul and wandering between the history-rich walls.

  4. All Around Care

    Besides a good quality hair transplant result, both pre-op and post-op care are just as important. From the moment you arrive in Turkey to the day you depart and beyond, patients are always attended to and well taken care of with 24/7 customer service, transportation and accommodation arrangement, translation services, as well as pre-operative & post-operative care and follow up evaluations. You are never left feeling alone when dealing with Vera Clinic. 

Vera Clinic Hair Transplant Results

More before & after photos at www.veraclinic.net or visit social media links below

More before & after photos at www.veraclinic.net or visit social media links below


Vera Hair Clinic Contact Info

  • Head office - Mecidiyeköy, Atakan Sk. No:7 Kat:4 D:17, 34387 Şişli/İstanbul
  • Hospital - Küçükbakkalköy Mahallesi, Atilla İlhan Cd. No29-31, 34750 Ataşehir/İstanbul
  • Email - info@veraclinic.net 
  • Website - www.veraclinic.net
  • Tel - +90 542 743 54 08

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