Dr. Ekrem Civas

eyebrow transplant and restoration treatment offered at surgical facilities located at Ugur Mumcu Street,61/6 Gaziosmanpasa (GOP) Cankaya / ANKARA / TURKEY.

There is a common myth or misconception that eyebrow loss only happens to women who over-pluck their eyebrow hair. While it is true that excessive plucking can cause permanent eyebrow loss, there are many other causes for loss of eyebrow hair besides excessive plucking such as genetics, medical conditions, use of certain medications or accidents. As a matter of fact, eyebrow loss is just as common among men, it is not a condition that only happens to women.

The good news is that eyebrow restoration can now be easily accomplished and treated using FUE technique. FUE is a perfect treatment for this type of condition, very often 1 small FUE session is all that is necessary to treat or restore a man or a woman's eyebrow. Generally speaking, full eyebrow restoration can be accomplished with fewer than 1000 grafts.

Eyebrow transplantation restores natural growing eyebrows for the patient. However, to do it well, the procedure has to be performed by a skilled surgeon who can handle delicate details for every graft placement, angle, curvature and density as it relates to the general facial and bone structure of the patient.

Dr. Civas and his team has perfected the art of designing eyebrows by putting into consideration the patient’s facial features, resulting in a natural look that is undetectable. He is highly experienced in creating the direction and angle of the recipient sites that mimic the natural anatomy of eyebrows. Only single hairs are used in eyebrow transplant in most instances.