Dr. Ekrem Civas

strip Follicular Unit Hair Transplant offered at Civas Clinic with surgical facilities located at Ugur Mumcu Street,61/6 Gaziosmanpasa (GOP) Cankaya / ANKARA / TURKEY.

Dr. Civas has been performing hair replacement by the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) technique since 1999. FUT or sometimes referred to as STRIP technique has been the cornerstone of hair restoration for decades.

Even though FUE has gained much popularity in recent years, STRIP FUT procedures still have a major role to play in hair restoration nowadays. FUT has many advantages that many patients find desirable or preferable. For example, generally speaking, more grafts can be transplanted using FUT strip technique than FUE in any given session. The procedure is generally more efficient to perform than FUE. Also, if cost is a factor, than FUT will be a good option as FUT strip procedures are generally less expensive than FUE.  

According to Civas Hair Clinic, the success of FUT lies in the removal of the follicular units from the donor strip without being damaged. Dr. Ekrem and his highly trained medical team of specialists are experts in micro surgical dissection and extraction of donor follicles using strip technique. Great attention is given to peeling around the tissue to obtain refined hair units, resulting in high graft survival rates, hence better and improved yields for the patients.

In Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) donor hair is harvested from a thin strip of hair taken from the back and/or sides of the scalp. The donor area is then stitched back by trichophytic closure, if performed correctly by a skilled surgeon, hair can grow through the scar. The scar will be less visible after healing since it will be fully covered by the hair around the scar.