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AHD Hair Transplant Reviews Antalya Turkey

ahd hair transplant reviews antalya turkey

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  • FUE

    Follicular Unit Extraction


    No Shave FUE for minimal downtime

  • PRP

    Platelet Rich Plasma cell therapy

  • BHT

    Body hair to scalp transplant


    Facial hair restoration: beard, moustache etc 


    Hair transplant repair


    Women hair transplant


    Eyebrow restoration, men & women

  • SMP

    Scalp Micropigmentation


    FUHT Strip hair transplant 


    Hair transplant physician training


    Eyelash Restoration


    HairClone stem cells banking service


    Hair therapy using stem cells building blocks 


    Transgender male to female or female to male hair restoration

About Dr. Hakan Doganay - Antalya Turkey

ahd hair transplant reviews antalya turkey

Turkey has become one of the most sought after destinations for advanced  hair transplant procedures, thanks to hugely popular and widely recommended surgeon such as Dr. Hakan Doganay, founder of AHD Hair Restoration clinic in Antalya.

Graduated from Selcuk University (1986 - 1993) with a degree in medicine, Dr. Doganay has well over 10 years of experience in surgical hair restoration with a specialty in advanced techniques such as FUE (follicular unit extraction), BHT (body hair transplant), beard hair transplant as well as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to name a few.

Prior to practising hair transplant restoration, Dr. Doganay worked as a medical doctor in a government health clinic in Nidge from  1993 - 2000. From 2000 - 2004, Dr. Doganay was the head doctor in Ministry of Medicine Antalya region.

Dr. Doganay's philosophy is to ensure that every one of his patients is a success stories. As a result, he is very selective in the patient screening process. Not every person is eligible for treatment at his clinic.  Every procedure is custom made and tailored to the patient's unique requirements and characteristics. Hair transplant is Dr. Doganay's passion and it shows through his artistic skills and natural looking hairline design that can rival what we were born with.

In addition, unlike other clinics where the technicians do most of the work,  Dr. Doganay is one of the very few in the world who personally extracts and places all the grafts himself. This is hard to come by nowadays and should be a huge factor when making a decision about hair transplant. It takes a lot of dedication, commitment and work ethics to personally handle all the donor extraction and graft placement. Most other clinics would simply let the assistants or technicians do the bulk of the work while the doctor casually supervise the process from time to time.

Dr. Doganay is very systematic and thorough in his surgical approach, he uses an extraction tool called a micromotor, with punches ranging from .7mm to .8mm in order minimize scarring to the donor area while harvesting the follicular units. Transection rates and damage to follicular units during extraction and placement are minimal under the skillful hands of Dr. Doganay

What AHD Hair Clinic Offers

⇒ Over 12 years of experience in hair transplantation, experts in natural and undetectable results using advanced FUE or BHT techniques.

⇒ High tech tools in FUE Technique, used in an exclusive procedure during operations. Improved Choi Implanter pen technology allows hair transplant to be performed with the least interruption and avoid harming any native donor hair follicles and achieve the possibility of “no-shave transplantation”.

⇒ FUE/BHT megasession - a highly effective and efficient team, able to transplant up to 5000 grafts FUE/BHT in a single day.

⇒ To ensure maximum survival of donor grafts, AHD uses hypotermosol solution to store the donor grafts, this is the same type of solution used for organ transplant and is better than the typical saline solution that is commonly used in the business.

⇒ Superior artistic skills and hairline design - thorough planning and careful hairline design that are customized and tailored made to each patient's profile and facial structure.

⇒ Availability of both the Motorized Punch and Manual Punch to extract follicular units from the patient’s donor area. Having both options available allows for more flexibility in safely extracting the donor follicles from the patient without damaging the grafts. Punch size ranges from 0.8mm to 1.2mm.

⇒ PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma, a standard enhancement available to all patients for no additional cost. PRP is a new treatment for hair that uses the patient's own blood as growth factors to enhance the healing time and yield of the hair transplant procedure. AHD is one of the few clinics in the world that offers PRP hair therapy.

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Choi Implanter Hair Transplant Technique

Always at the forefront of cutting edge hair restoration innovations, Dr. Doganay's AHD clinic is one of the few in the world who adopts the famous Choi Hair Transplant Implanter. This revolutionary device and technique is ground breaking in the hair transplant industry.

With typical hair transplant procedures, whether it be STRIP or FUE technique, human contact with the donor follicles is unavoidable as each follicle has to be manually extracted from the skin by hand, placed in a petrie dish and then transplanted to the recipient site, again by hand.

As a top notch clinic that always acts in the patient's best interests, every staff at AHD clinic treats each follicle as a precious organ that is irreplaceable.  The goal at AHD is to handle each follicle meticulously with the utmost care and attention in order to minimize any human contact and  contamination, hence ensuring the maximum yield and growth potential of every single donor follicle.

In order to accomplish this objective maximum the yield and survival rate of every graft, Dr. Doganay adopts the famous Choi Implanter in the hair transplantation process.

choi implanter hair transplant turkey

The Choi Implanter originated at the Kyungpook National University (KNU) in Korea. The idea behind the implanter device was simple: to combine the act of making an incision site in the recipient area and the implantation of an extracted graft into one act. The Choi Implanter is a pen-like device featuring a hollow needle attached to a tube and plunger apparatus. During a hair procedure with the Choi Implanter, the hair restoration physician and/or technicians load harvested follicular units into the implanter pen. Using forceps, the graft is placed gently into the hollow needle (at the end of the implanter) and handed back to the physician. The surgeon then inserts the needle at an appropriate angle in the scalp (making the incision site) and implants the graft by pressing down on the plunger. Normally, anywhere from 2-6 Choi implanters are used concurrently during a procedure, and the device comes in a variety of needle sizes to fit single, double, and triple follicular unit grafts.

Some of the commonly cited advantages of the Choi Implanter are:

⇒ Improve donor graft's yield and survival rate;

⇒ Reduce bleeding and trauma to the recipient site when creating holes in the area to accommodate the donor follicles;

⇒ Decreased time of surgery (with an experienced Choi Implanter team) due to the combination of graft site creation/implantation;

⇒ More natural appearance and higher density

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Facial Hair Restoration - AHD Antalya Turkey

facial hair restoration antalya turkey

Facial hair restoration is one of the fastest growing segment of hair transplantation in recent years. The request usually comes from men who desire a more masculine look with an abundance of facial hair, such as beard, goatee, moustache and even side burns.Before the FUE was invented, it was very impractical to perform facial hair restoration as the only way to obtain the donor follicles was by means of a strip excision. However things have changed dramatically since the invention of FUE. Restoring or enhancing one's facial hair has become a very realistic and achievable goal under the hands of a skilled surgeon.

Dr. Hakan Doganay's AHD Clinic is one of the few clinics in Europe that offers facial hair restoration. A lot of times, patient request this procedure due to injuries from accidents, especially for burn victims and Dr. Doganay has helped many over the years.

Transplantation of hair, eyebrow hair and beard hair are possible over the surfaces of burned and scar regions. The factors affecting the success of transplantation apart from transplantation to a regular bald area depend on the degree of the burn and the vascular vitality of the scarred tissue

If the length of the hair is convenient enough in donor area, the extraction signs are not visible on donor area in all hair transplantations.

The process of facial hair restoration normally includes:

⇒ Estimating of the area where the hair is going to be transplanted and evaluating if the donor supply can support the number required,

⇒ Extracting the necessary grafts from donor area;

⇒ The transplantation of the grafts hair into the right area with right angle, direction and depth;

⇒ Follow up with the patient to evaluate the growth and yield post op.

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BHT Body Hair Transplant Antalya Turkey

body hair transplant antalya turkey

Body Hair Transplant or BHT is a derivative of FUE.  The extraction concept is very similar for both BHT and FUE whereby follicles or follicular units are removed one at a time without the need for strip excision.BHT is a life saving procedure for those who have insufficient donor follicles from the scalp. As we all know, hair transplant is basically the relocation of follicles from one part of our body to thinning areas in your scalp. Over the years, doctors have discovered that body hair such as from the chest or beard can actually function as donor follicles for people with extensive hair loss. Experienced doctors or surgeons are able to use body hair as filler and mix them up with scalp donor to produce dramatic density improvement for their hair loss patients.

Another group of people who benefit from body hair transplants are badly scarred hair transplant victims. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and must be carefully thought out and researched before making a decision. If you are one of the unfortunate ones who happened to choose an inexperienced doctor for the procedure, there is a good chance you will be left with unsightly scars on your scalp along with a severely depleted scalp donor supply. In the old days before BHT became a possibility, choosing the wrong doctor is equivalent to a death sentence for anyone with hair loss. There were countless who were left with no choice but to live with the unsightly scars and unnatural results for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, with the invention of BHT, the lives, self esteem and confidence of many hair transplant victims can be improved substantially. Body hair opens a world of possibility for many patients. With donor sites coming from the patient's chest and even facial areas, the amount of donor supply can easily double for any particular patient.

Dr. Hakan Doganay's AHD Clinic is one of the few truly experienced body hair transplant clinics in the world.

At Dr. Doganay's clinic, body hair donor mainly come from the following:

Beard hair - Grafts are extracted from the area below the jaw bone. Even if the graft in the beard can be extracted entirely, Dr. Doganay's standard protocol is to extract about 30% of it in one session to avoid any risk of visible scarring on the face. For a typical patient, there are almost 1000-3000 grafts hair which can be extracted from the facial areas.

Chest hair - The chest hairs are generally more curly in nature than regular head donor.  Grafts can be damaged during the extraction process because of the follicular curl which extends all the way down to the roots of the follicle. Only an experienced doctor can yield successful results using chest hair as donor.

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PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Therapy - Antalya Turkey

platelet rich plasma prp hair regrowth antalya turkey

PRP treatment is a medical procedure known since 1970s, with a proven efficiency in promoting tissues regeneration. It consists in the taking of about 10 CC of patient’s blood, which is treated by means of a specific machine. Through its centrifugation we get a high-density platelet gel, able to release re-growth factors.

During our operations, PRP gel is injected in the recipient area and applied to the donor. Injected plasma will stimulate stem cells, while platelets enriched with plasma will have a restoring effect on scalp during the post-surgical period, accelerating healing time and alleviating side effects such as itching and desquamation.

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Compare FUE vs STRIP Hair Transplant


FUT Strip

Follicular Damage - Wastage is always a problem with strip excision. Sometimes it is not totally inconceivable to damage or waste up to 30% of the follicles along the sides of the strip where the scalpel cuts deeply and blindly into the skin.

Healing Time - The strip method is considered to be a more involved surgery. It is an invasive procedure which implies an incision of skin, nerves and vascular tissues in the rear occipital area of the scalp. Healing time of the donor can take up to a month or even longer.

Donor Extraction - The strip which is excised from the posterior zone is transferred to the auxiliary staff whose job it is to cut and divide the scalp into follicular units (FU´s) with or without the help of a microscope, depending on the procedures adopted by that clinic

Sutures & Stitches - After having removed the strip for the rear area, the wound must be closed with sutures and stitching. The pulling on this wound is our worst enemy when it comes to leave them undetectable. To help avoid this, we suture at two different levels: the first level is subcutaneous with absorbable material and the second level is external with non-absorbable material which is removed after a minimum period of 2 weeks. The surgical technique is fundamental if we want to avoid permanent scarring, colloids or marks left by staples. However, even though the technique is perfect, there is always the possibility of the above mentioned problems occurring as the surgeon cannot guarantee the end result as he is unable to continually control the care and pulling exercised on the area by the patient before definitive healing occurs.

Versatility - This method prohibits extracting grafts from other areas of the body, depriving the patient of an enormous donor area. There have been scars left in the pubis area from strip procedures, but it would be unthinkable to make incisions in the thorax or limbs to obtain additional hair

Control over # of Grafts - The total number of follicular units harvested with the strip technique depends on the size and follicular density of the skin removed by the surgeon. The number of grafts cannot be determined exactly when surgically removing the strip of skin.

Choice of Follicular Units - When the skin is removed from the rear of the head and placed under the microscope, the units are separated in function of how many hairs each unit contains (1 – 4). This is a disadvantage because we cannot choose which units are best for the recipient area. Designing a front hairline is not the same as adding density to the crown area. With the strip technique we have to use the

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Follicular Damage - One of the major advantages of FUE is the quality of the units which are removed. We have found from our studies in previous years that the quality and strength of the grafts removed are better than those extracted by the strip method. The follicular units are much cleaner when removed one by one then by separating them under the microscope.

Healing Time - FUE technique is commonly referred to as the minimally invasive procedure. It is a micro surgical treatment that inflicts a lot less trauma to the patient. Healing of the donor is fast, in a matter of days or a couple weeks depending on the patient's body chemistry.

Donor Extraction - Each follicular unit is delicately extracted one by one by the surgeon who uses magnifying lenses.

Sutures & Stitches - The extraction points scar over in a few days and are completely undetectable and don’t need any kind of stitching. As the wounds are less than 1 mm, there are no external influences. After 24 hours fibrin will have covered all the extraction points. From 48 – 72 hours, there are no signs of scabbing. After a week there is no sign left of wounding

Versatility - With FUE hair can be harvested from the entire body. Many of our patients have excessive body-hair and are happy to use it to repopulate the scalp. Body hair is used to augment density in the posterior region; it is never used in the front hairline. Many of our patients have body hair with an identical texture and growth pattern as in the scalp. Not everybody is a candidate, but it does increase our possibilities of treatment.

Control over # of Grafts - The exact number of units removed is determined by the surgeon by removing them one-by-one. The number can be easily managed and predicted in advance prior to the procedure.

Choice of Follicular Units - The surgeon selects the units required for the are being repopulated. For a front hairline, he will select mainly those follicular units with 1 or 2 hairs rather than those that have 3 or 4 hairs. On the contrary, when adding density to the parietal or crown area, the units chosen are mainly of 3 or 4 hairs, and always imitating the natural distribution of the hair. This choice is only possible when the units are extracted one by one. Today it is unthinkable to construct a front hairline with 3 or 4 hair follicular units as the result would not be natural.

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AHD Hair Transplant Cost - Antalya Turkey

ahd hair transplant cost antalya turkey

Standard FUE hair transplant procedures cost

⇒ Scalp Hair Transplantation 2 € per graft , procedure performed by Dr. Hakan Doganay himself.

⇒ Scalp Hair Transplantation 2200 € up to 2500 grafts, procedure supervised by Dr. Hakan Doganay.

⇒ Scalp Hair Transplantation 2800 € between 2500 - 4000 grafts, procedure supervised by Dr. Hakan Doganay.

⇒ Scalp Hair Transplantation 3300 € over 4000 grafts, procedure supervised by Dr. Hakan Doganay.

Other hair transplant procedures cost at Dr. Hakan Doganay's clinic

⇒ Beard Hair Transplantation 2,5 € per graft
⇒ Body hair Transplantation 2,5 € per graft
⇒ Manual extraction method 2,5 € per graft

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma hair treatment can be included free of charge if doctor feels that the patient is a good candidate for PRP after initial consultation. 

All prices include accommodation, ground transport from airport to the clinic (or the validated hotel) vice versa; post op medications, personal assistant and translator offered during consultation and operation, Also meals during the operation days for the patient and his possible partner and most of all post operation medication and products.

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AHD Hair Transplant Results Gallery - Antalya Turkey

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AHD Hair Transplant Ranking Statistics - Antalya Turkey
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Contact AHD Hair Transplant Antalya Turkey

AHD Hair Restoration Clinic
Adress: Lara Anadolu Hastanesi
Guzeloba Mah.2246.sokak No 9 0720 ANTALYA / TURKEY

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