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and professional education offered by top ranked surgeon Dr. Cole at his clinic located at 1045 Powers Place Alpharetta, GA, 30009 U.S as well as satellite location in Asia.

Dr. Cole at ISHRS European Workshop - Dr. Cole is the world's leading innovator and inventor of cutting edge instruments for hair restoration

Here is your opportunity to learn from the BEST!

TOP RANKED* hair transplant surgeon Dr. John Cole now offers one of a kind training and professional education program for fellow physicians worldwide who wish to offer hair transplantation to their patients or upgrade their existing techniques.

The program will be nothing like you have ever seen before and totally customizable based on your individual needs and requirements. If you are serious about learning the most cutting edge and technological advanced in hair restoration, Dr. Cole is your ultimate destination for the best and most rewarding training experience.

Dr. Cole's credentials are impressive and unparalleled in the business. Presently he is the top ranked hair restoration surgeon in the US according to HairSite's worldwide patient statistics, meaning his clinic has published more patient results than any other clinics in the US. He was also the first in the US to adopt Follicular Unit Extraction FUE and Body Hair Transplant BHT in the US, the two techniques that totally revolutionize how hair transplants are performed nowadays.

Always at the forefront in cutting edge innovations, Dr. Cole is also one of the few who have incorporated Platelet Rich Plasma and ACell as an integral part of his procedures.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP is a cell based hair treatment that uses the patient's own blood as growth factors. ACell is a extracellular matrix that promotes cell regeneration. Both have been shown to be beneficial to certain patients with hair loss and thinning hair, and found to be helpful as a standalone treatment or as an aid to hair transplant procedures for some patients. At the time when this is published, Dr. Cole is the only clinic that routinely offers PRP-ACell hair treatment for his hair transplant patients, another testament to his relentless pursuit for the most technological advanced innovations for his practice.

As a highly acclaimed world class surgeon, Dr. Cole also recognizes the importance of proprietary tools and equipment in order to execute a hair transplant surgery with meticulous perfection and accuracy that leaves no margin for error. Dr. Cole is presently the only featured doctor on HairSite who invents his own tools and instruments on a massive scale relative to his peers in the business. A lesser doctor will simply rely on off-the-shelf medical tools that serve to maximize his profits while undermine the patient's results. That is not the case with Dr. Cole and other doctors who follow his protocols.

Program & Curriculum - whether you are totally new to the filed of hair restoration or an existing practitioner who wishes to upgrade and refine your techniques, Dr. Cole and his team can customize a training program that is tailored to your needs.  Among some of the protocols or techniques you can learn from Dr. Cole and his training team are:

  • CIT/FUE - as a world renowned pioneer in the development and advancement of Follicular Unit Extraction FUE in the US, Dr. Cole develops his proprietary version of FUE (CIT or Cole Isolation Technique) that redefines how this minimally invasive treatment shall be performed with minimal depth extraction and maximum yield for the patient.
  • BHT - Body Hair Transplant BHT is a derivative of FUE that uses the patient's body hair as donor, this is another essential protocol that every FUE clinic must have in order to cater to the large segment of repair patients who have depleted head donor hair.
  • Women Hair Transplant - with the past decade or so, the female population has officially recognized and accepted the fact that they too lose their hair just like men do, although in a different pattern. Women hair loss is diagnosed and treated very differently from men. This leads to a huge demand for treatments that are catered to the needs and requirements of women who are suffering from hair loss.
  • Eyebrow & Eyelash - one of the fastest growing segments in the hair restoration business is eyebrow and eyelash transplants. Eyebrow and eyelash loss happen to men just as often as it does to women. There is nothing like having your own real growing eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • PRP and ACell - the absolute cutting edge in hair restoration technologies nowadays, Platelet Rich Plasma PRP and ACell could hold great promises in the ultimate discovery for the next breakthrough in hair restoration technologies. Dr. Cole and his team will teach you everything you need to know about these two treatments that perfectly complement each other, how to use them as a standalone treatment, how to integrate them into hair transplant procedures, who are the best candidates for these treatments, and what kind of results to expect.
  • Equipment & Tools - as the proud inventor of countless instruments and devices specially designed and crafted for hair transplantation, Dr. Cole will educate you the different functions of his proprietary devices, teach you how to operate each device and show you why they are indispensable for any procedure nowadays.
    The above are just a glimpse of what you can learn at Dr. Cole's training program. If you would like to have more details about his program, or fill out the form below for a prompt response.

* top ranked or best in class based on HairSite worldwide patient statistics

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