Hair Transplant Devices
and innovation in surgical tools that allow for safer removal of donor follicles, more precise graft count, better graft survival and yield for both FUE and STRIP procedures.

Dr. Cole at ISHRS European Workshop - Dr. Cole is the world's leading innovator and inventor of cutting edge instruments for hair restoration

Surgical tools & instruments are like Picasso's paint brushes, a must have for every masterpiece. A lesser doctor will simply rely on off-the-shelf surgical devices or instruments and believe that his skills alone are all that matter when it comes to creating the most natural and appealing result. Sadly, that is how the majority of the hair transplant surgeons operate and they could not be more wrong.

Nowadays, cutting edge surgical tools and instruments can totally and even instantly elevate a surgeon's result. There are huge technological advances that have been made that allow for faster, safer, and more precise execution of any hair transplant procedures. Proper tools and instruments can bring a surgeon's artistry skills to the surface.

Dr. Cole is the only featured doctor on HairSite that has invented and created countless surgical devices and instruments in order to achieve near flawless execution for every procedure. Precision, accuracy and zero margin for error is what Dr. Cole aims to achieve with his invention.

Below are some of the amazing devices and instruments offered by Dr. Cole.

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The highest quality FUE punches from 0.75 mm to 1.30 mm, are ideal for manual use or for use with a mechanical extractor

Personna Plus® blade designed to glide with smooth, clean precision for less tissue trauma and a faster recovery.

Aide to Extraction (ATOE) facilitates removal of grafts and allows for easy graft removal following minimal depth extraction.

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CIT/FUE manual punch handle is custom made to accept razor sharp punches to allow for minimal depth control.

Chilling device to accurately maintain donor grafts temperature and reduce metabolic demand while increasing graft survival.

Counting Incision Device (CID) allows the physician to accurately maintain the incision count during recipient site preparation.

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Powered Cole Isolation Device is the only powered unit available for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). It allows physicians to set precise extraction parameters with ease.

Castroviejo Forceps allows the physician to gently, yet firmly lift the graft from the extraction site and then ease the graft out with the ATOE.

Self Filling Device (SFD)  speeds the process of tumescence and helps to minimize the risk of accidental needle injury during the surgery.

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Graft Processing Board for processing follicular unit extractions, two wells boards also available for FUT (strip). Can be connected to a light source for enhanced visual during operation.

Assist To Hairline Design (AHD) helps create the most symmetrical and natural hairline placement possible. The quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective hairline design tool available.

The Cole Instruments Donor Template allows balanced harvesting of follicular units in the prime donor area. It  divides the donor area into 14 regions in which you can record donor density and percentage to harvest from each region

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Dermlite II Pro HR is useful in hair restoration surgery for the evaluation of hair density and follicular unit density both pre-operatively and post-operatively.

The Ring Graft Storage provides a convenient temporary place to hold the grafts and keep them moist while placing them in the recipient areas.

The S-Jeweler’s Forcep is used for placing grafts in the recipient areas. If you prefer the angled tip, please order the 5/45 Jeweler’s Forcep.

The above are just a glimpse of what Dr. Cole is constantly working on to improve every patient's experience. If you would like to have more details about Dr. Cole's training program and his cutting edge instruments or devices, fill out the form below for a prompt response.