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Hairline Design & Artistic Skills

Dr. Cole's hair restoration clinic located at 1070 Powers Pl, Alpharetta, GA 30009 in the U.S

While FUE or CIT is a superior donor harvesting technique, it is only half of the story for every hair transplantation. A pristine donor site is important, equally important is an aesthetically appealing result.

Hair transplant is a science as much as it is an art. While the latest donor extraction techniques make it possible for hair transplants to become a minimally invasive procedure, the overall success in the end depends on how appealing the final results look like. If in the end the patient's hairlines look pluggy, hair growing in incorrect direction, temples are closed abruptly, then the hair transplant is of course considered a failure regardless of how pristine the donor site is.

Technical skills can be acquired over time by any physician who is willing to put in the efforts and commitment. However, the hair transplant design requires artistic skills are that much more intangible and difficult to acquire even under the hands of the most technically competent doctor.

This is where Dr. Cole excels once again in comparison to the rest of the hair transplant industry. Not only can Dr. Cole perform the most technological advanced procedures for hair loss, he also has one of the best artistic skills in the business worldwide.

Hair transplant design is not just about adding more hair. The hairline has to look natural, the hair direction has to be correctly angulated, temple angles properly closed, and at the same time all these decisions have to be made taking into account the patient's age, facial features, hair texture and amount of donor supply.

One of the key elements in hairline design is that it has to be AGE appropriate. A thick hairline maybe desired by someone in his 20s, but it is highly inappropriate for someone in his 50s. In order to look natural, a small degree of thinning is very common for someone in his 50s or older. So to give the same thick hairline that a 20 year old wants to someone in his 50s would actually make the patient look unnatural.

Dr. Cole's hairline designs are highly acclaimed in the industry and his artistic skills are always crafted with the patient's individual needs in mind.

Below are some of the amazing hairline work from Dr. Cole's clinic, clearly a fusion of artistic excellency and technology.

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