Big 3 Hair Loss Products

big 3 hair loss products
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Big 3 hair loss products for men suffering from male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Note that this editorial is about hair loss product products for men and may contain product reviews that are not suitable for the treatment of female hair loss.

Androgenetic alopecia is a medical term for what is commonly called pattern baldness. It is a hereditary condition that affects virtually all men and women to a certain degree throughout his or her life.

For men suffering from male pattern baldness, the onset of hair loss usually begins in their early 20s and can last through the rest of their lives.

 Hair Loss Products - Big 3 vs Top 3

First off, we give this editorial the title "Big 3" as opposed to "Top 3" because our goal is to identify the 3 most popular, most commonly recommended or prescribed hair loss products for men. However, that they are the most popular does not necessarily mean that they are also the most effective for treating hair loss in men. The main reason why these products accomplished such widespread recognition is because 2 of the 3 products are FDA approved for treating male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. With the US government's seal of approval, it's only natural that they become the big brother in hair loss products on the market these days.

What are the Big 3 Hair Loss Products 

Most people would immediately turn to their doctor or dermatologist upon initial signs of hair loss. So what are the big 3 hair loss products for men suffering from male pattern baldness? They are Rogaine, a topical treatment for hair loss; Propecia, a hair loss pill; and Nizoral, an anti-fungal shampoo.

Rogaine (active ingredient Minoxidil)

The first of the big 3 hair loss products is Rogaine. Rogaine is a brand name. It was first introduced in the late 80s as the first ever FDA approved topical hair loss product for hair loss in men. The active ingredient in Rogaine is Minoxidil and comes in 2% strength or 5% strength. Rogaine is also available as a generic hair loss product at a cheaper price nowadays. Both Rogaine and generic topical minoxidil can be purchased at most drug stores over the counter without a doctor's prescription. The original Rogaine formula comes in a topical spray that contains propylene glycol. A new delivery mechanism using foam was later on introduced to the public. Foam allows for more precise delivery to the hair follicles and since the foam formula does not contain propylene glycol, it is less likely to cause scalp irritation like the traditional formula.

Rogaine or topical minoxidil is well tolerated. There are few side effects. One of the most commonly reported side effects is scalp irritation as a result of propylene glycol in the original formula.

Propecia (active ingredient Finasteride)

The second product that makes up the Big 3 hair loss products is Propecia. Propecia is a brand name. It is the first ever hair loss pill approved by the US FDA for the treatment of male pattern baldness. The active ingredient in Propecia is Finasteride 1 mg. Finasteride works as an inhibitor of the testosterone derivative 5-alpha reductase (5AR) which many researchers believe to be the main cause of hair loss in men.

Propecia is also available in its generic form as 1 mg Finasteride. A doctor's prescription is necessary before anyone can obtain this medication for hair loss.

While Propecia has brought hopes to many men suffering from hair loss, it is also reported that Propecia may come with some very undesirable side effects in a small percentage of its users. Among some of the reported side effects that are possibly associated with Propecia are impotency and gynecomastia or male breast tissue development.

Because of the US FDA approval status, Propecia together with Rogain has become the most widely prescribed hair loss products for men by default.

Nizoral Shampoo (acitive ingredient Ketoconazole)

The third product that was inducted to the Big 3 hair loss products hall of fame is Nizoral shampoo. Nizoral is an anti-fungal shampoo. The active ingredient is Ketoconazole. Because Nizoral shampoo was included in the treatment protocol during Propecia's hair loss clinical trial, Nizoral also gained widespread recognition at a time when Propecia's populariy took off among hair loss sufferers.

As an active ingredient, Ketoconazole is also known to have anti-androgen properties.

Nizoral shampoo can be purchased over the counter at most drug stores without a doctor's prescription. Because if its chemical composition and potential toxicity as a result of systemic absorption, Nizoral is not recommended for daily use.

What to Expect from the Big 3 Hair Loss Products

The Propecia-Rogaine-Nizoral big 3 hair loss products combo regimen can offer some relieve in slowing down the progression of male pattern baldness for most people.  However, results are not consistent among individuals. Also, users should be realistic with their expectations because very rarely can this combo regimen regrow a full head of hair. In addition,  this combo regimen tends to be more effective for men who just started losing their hair. But if you already have extensive baldness similar to a Norwood class 4 or higher prior to using these 3 hair loss products, it is unlikely that you will see any dramatic improvement.

One must also remember that hair loss pill Propecia or Finasteride 1mg may come with some very undesirable side effects for a small percentage of the users.

Other Options?

The Big 3 hair loss products on the market can work reasonably well in maintaining your existing hair count or slowing down the progression of hair loss for most people. However, this treatment protocol is unlikely to create any dramatic improvement for your hairline aesthetically speaking.

Presently, hair transplant is the most effective treatment that can create a cosmetically acceptable difference for people with hair loss. Hair transplant is also favored by many because it does not require taking any pills or medications that may cause undesirable side effects such as impotency.

Besides hair transplants, there are new advances in hair loss treatment technology such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) hair therapy, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), laser theray , super strength minoxidil and more.

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big 3 hair loss products
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