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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Therapy

Dr. Robert Jones receiving Platelet Rich Plasma hair treatment at his own clinic

PLATELET RICH PLASMA therapy for hair loss and thinning hair. Experimental and still largely unproven hair treatment using Platelet Rich Plasma PRP, first publicized by Dr. Greco and now this treatment is being offered by a few clinics in the U.S, Canada and overseas that strive to push the limits in advancing hair restoration research.

New protocol currently being experimented for the treatment of hair loss and thinning hair for both men and women using a patient's own blood as growth factors. According to the doctors who offer this treatment, this therapy is considered non surgical and non invasive.

The concept was first publicized by Dr. Greco in Florida. Dr. Greco received a grant from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery ISHRS.

Dr. Greco's research paper  was published in the Hair Transplant Forum International, the title is:  The Effects of Autologus Platelet Rich Plasma and Various Growth Factors on Non-transplanted Miniaturized Hair.

The research paper reports that "the results from this small study indicate that traumatizing and infusing PRP into the scalp did reverse miniaturization over an 8-month period when compared to control. Additionally, infusion of PRP into a patient with alopecia areata did result in new hair growth 1 month after treatment and lasted over 8 months".

Dr. Jones from Toronto Canada met with Dr. Greco in Florida to discuss the potential of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as a hair loss treatment and decided to offer his own trials on a very limited basis subsequent to the meeting. According to Dr. Jones, the process is fairly straight forward and non-invasive.

Platelet Rich Plasma preparation at Dr. Jones' clinic

Please note that the use of Platelet Rich Plasma for hair loss is a new concept. While Dr. Greco seems to have some success in this area, his trial was done on a very small group of test subjects so it is premature to draw any conclusions.  There is no guarantee what kind of results (or side effects) one may expect from the treatment as it is still considered as an experimental and unproven therapy.

According to Dr. Jones, "after spending some time with Dr. Greco last week, I was impressed enough with the results I saw to order the equipment to offer PRP to 15 patients on a trial basis. I will be among the first patients treated at my clinic and will be following each patient with photos on my site and forwarding them to HairSite. The treatment seems to work best in patients with diffuse thinning rather than complete hair loss. It can be used in conjunction with Propecia and Minoxidil. Since we are using the patients own plasma, it is unlikely there will be any risk to the patient."

Below is one of Dr. Jones' patients who have received PRP treatment, photos show before and 2 months post treatment.


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