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Hair Transplant Europe

In terms of surface area, Europe is the second smallest continent in the world with about 3.9M sq miles or 10M sq km. The European continent has over 700 million in population, 3rd highest population after Asia and Africa. Europe consist of about 50 countries and since the formation of European Union, the common currency is EURO .

Hair Transplant Europe - Dr. Mwamba

When it comes to hair restoration, hair transplant in Europe does offer a few reputable options. The best known is Dr. Mwamba in Belgium who has solid reputation as a good and reliable hair transplant surgeon in Europe. Dr. Mwamba offers FUE, BHT (body hair transplant) as well as other advanced techniques that can be found in US and other parts of the world. Dr. Mwamba is a prolific contributor in our community forum, you can see countless of patient results from his clinic.

Hair Transplant Europe - Dr. Reddy

Also worth mentioning for our hair transplant Europe coverage is Dr. Reddy hair transplant clinic in London, UK. Dr. Reddy is presently the highest ranked hair transplant surgeon in the UK based on number of successful patient results posted in our community forum. His clinic offers state of the art FUE and other procedures for various types of hair loss and hair conditions.

Hair Transplant Europe - HDC

Another clinic that has also earned itself a good reputation for our hair transplant Europe coverage HDC. Located in Cyprus, HDC can arguably be labeled as part of the Middle East as much as it is in Europe.

HDC Medical Trichology Centre has published more patient results in our hair transplant forum than any other doctors or clinics in Europe or Middle East. HDC is located in Nicosia, Cyprus and was established in 1989 by Mr. Pantelis Ftellehas. It is one of the very few clinics in the world that offers both FUE and STRIP hair transplant techniques. Through his innovative creativity and with the assistance of an able team of professionals, HDC has become one of the leading Hair Transplant Centres in Europe and enjoys the patronage of customer from as far as the UK and Germany.

HDC offers a comprehensive solution for hair loss and hair disorders in both men and women through expertise in surgical and non-surgical hair restoration techniques. HDC is a unique hair restoration centre in Europe that has its own in-house USA trained medical team and their patient results are highly respected in the world.

What really makes HDC stand apart is our dedication to maintain a unique, highly personalised relationship with all our patients. Whether you come from the UK, Germany or any other part of the world, the care and attention you will receive will be the same. At HDC hair restoration clinic, you're never just a customer - you’re a successful individual with highly personal needs who deserves to have only the best treatment.

HDC hair replacement clinic is comprised of three very distinct divisions that offer a unique range of hair restoration solutions that covers all patient needs.

hair transplant europe
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