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Hair Transplant Guide Chennia Tamil Nadu India

Surgery and hair replacement help, news and updates on advanced hair regrowth solutions for people experiencing hair loss in the city of Chennai India.

Chennai (Tamil: சென்னை), formerly known as Madras or Madarasapatinam (Tamil: மெட்ராஸ் AKA மதறாஸ்), is presently the fourth largest cities in India in terms of population. Chennai is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. At the time when this is published, Chennai city has of over 4 million people in the city center. Chennai is located near the south eastern region of India facing Bay of Bengal and is a major hub for cultural, economic and educational centre in South India. Widely recognized as one of the safest city in India, Chennai enjoys a huge influx of tourists and expatriates.

As of now, we do not know of any qualified hair transplant doctors in Chennai based on number of successful results published in our community forum. If you do not mind traveling to other cities in India for a good top quality doctor, you may want to consider Dr. Arvind Poswal's clinic in Mumbai or Delhi or Dr. Madhu's clinic in Hyderabad.

When it comes to surgical hair transplant, it is absolutely important to know the difference between the new FUE technique and the old STRIP technique. Go to FUE Hair Transplant for an explanation and video demonstration why this new technique is the most sought after alternative to the traditional STRIP procedure. With FUE, you can also use your body hair as donor and transplant them to thinning or balding areas in your scalp. This technique was invented by Dr. Ray Woods and is now commonly referred to as BHT or Body Hair Transplant.

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Of course, hair surgery is not the only option. If you want a fast and affordable solution to your hair loss problem, also look into lace front hair replacement system. The result is so natural and totally affordable. It is the next best thing to your own natural growing hair. However, liquid adhesives is required in order to attach the hair system (much like a small customized wig) to the person's scalp. Because of that, the treatment may not work very well in hot and humid climate such as India as a person's excessive sweat and humidity can cause the adhesives to become loose.

To learn more about different hair restoration options in Chennai, fill out the inquiry form on this page and we will assist you further. We can even put you in touch with doctors and clinics worldwide for a free no obligation consultation.