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Hair Transplant Guide - Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is located in the province of Quebec in eastern Canada. It is the city with the highest population in the province and 2nd highest in Canada as a whole. Montreal has a population of over 1.6 million residents and over 3.8 million for the metropolitan region as a whole. 

French is spoken among the vast majority of the city's residents and also throughout the province of Quebec. Most people in Montreal are bi-lingual English-French. 

Ottawa, capital of Canadian, is a neighboring city to Montreal. It takes less than an hour to fly from Montreal to Canada.

Dr. Rahal is one of the better known hair transplant doctors in the Montreal and Ottawa region. Canada in general has enjoyed far better overall reputation for hair transplantation than most other developed countries in the world, thanks to well known specialists such as Alvi Armani, Dr. Jones, and Drs. Hasson and Wong etc.

If you are not inclined to travel and prefer on having something done locally in the Montreal - Ottawa region , Dr. Rahal hair transplant clinic is a good option. Dr. Rahal is presently the highest ranked hair transplant surgeon in the region with over 5 years of uninterrupted patient records in our patient statistics database . His clinic is located at 2081 Merivale Road Unit 1300 Ottawa, ON Canada K2G 1G9.

Dr. Rahal offers Follicular Unit Hair Transplant, FUE Hair Transplant, Dense Packing, Eyebrow Transplant, Hairline Restoration as well as Women Hair Transplant.

Note that hair transplant is a surgery after all, so be careful that the results may not always be what you have in mind and there are possible risks and complications involved as with all surgical procedures regardless of which doctor or clinic you choose.

It is important that you discuss with your doctor and speak to other doctors and patients before making a decision. Also, our patient statistics only track successful patient results, it is your responsibility to thoroughly research the background and credentials of any particular doctor before committing to the procedure. Do not regard information you read on this site as accurate unbiased information.