Dr. A's Academy of Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Techniques

Some of the mainstream hair restoration techniques that the Academy candidates will learn are

Scalp Hair Transplants (STRIP)

Achieve dense packing at 60-80 grafts/cm with a Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUHT/STRIP). Our clinic can complete 4000+ strip sessions in a single day while maintaining strict quality standards. Surgical procedures are reviewed regularly to improve quality and efficiency. Compared to the competition, we offer the best value in scalp hair transplantation.

Scalp Hair Transplants (FUSE)

FUSE (Follicular Unit Separation Extraction) is presently the most sought after alternative to the traditional STRIP procedure in hair transplantation. FUSE is minimally invasive, requires no scalpel, no knife, no stitches, and leaves no linear scarring in the patient.

Body Hair Transplants

FUSE (Follicular Unit Separation Extraction) is a method of extracting individual hair follicles with microsurgical precision but without scalpel and stitches. Body hair provides an additional source of hair for more fuller, denser hair restoration results.

Facial Hair - to - Scalp Transplants (FUSE)

Facial Hair - to - scalp transplants are ideal for patients with advanced hair loss. When coupled with existing donor supplies, facial hair gives patients more graft placement options. These options include aggressive hairlines, conservation of scalp hair and greater density. Facial hair can substitute scalp hair, which is ideally suited for the frontal region. In addition, thick facial hair mixed in with thiner scalp hair results in a very natural look. For patients with large graft requirements, a facial hair transplant makes perfect sense.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Transplant (FUSE)

With the development of FUSE, eyebrow and eyelash transplants are now possible for patients with eyebrow and eyelash loss. The procedure is minimally invasive and 1 small session is all that it takes for most patients. This is one of the fastest growing segments in the hair restoration industry nowadays.