FUE Hair Transplant Expanding Needle technique
in hair restoration surgery, featured presentation by Dr. Arvind on this minimally invasive hair transplant procedure for hair loss, male pattern baldness and body hair transplant procedures.

Dr. Arvind Poswal - "FUE Hair Transplant Expanding Needle" technique presentation at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery conference

The Expanding Needle technique for FUE and body hair transplant procedure was first introduced by Dr. Arvind Poswal on HairSite in year 2005. At the time when this invention was introduced, it was met with a lot of cynicisms and doubts from the hair transplant community. Dr. Arvind finally vindicates his claim at the ISHRS conference in Bahamas when he presented to his peers and the hair restoration industry what his Expanding Needle technique is about. Dr. Arvind demonstrated in front of some of the biggest names in hair transplantation why this technique is the preferred method for body hair transplant harvesting procedures as it leaves a minimal amount of trauma and scarring to the patient's donor site.

The presentation was extremely well received both at the ISHRS conference and in our community and we are glad that this technique in body hair harvesting finally gets the recognition that it deserves.

Traditional FUE punch grafts has the following disadvantages: large extraction sites and high transection rates. The Expanding Technique overcome these shortcomings by using a hypodermic needle rather than traditional punch.

Extraction of body hair grafts are particularly difficult because of laxity of the skin, acute angle of hair graft, and loose arrangement of follicles in follicular units.

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