Use of Beard Hair & Body Hair in Hair Transplantation
has changed how hair restoration is done for people with baldness, alopecia, hair loss thinning hair but limited or insufficient scalp donor follicles.

Dr. Arvind Poswal, featured speaker and presenter at the ISHRS International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in Bahamas, topic: use of beard grafts and body grafts as donor in traditional FUE hair transplantation

FUE is a revolutionary technique in hair transplantation, it is minimally invasive and has overcome many of the shortcomings of traditional strip harvesting procedures that leave a wide scar in the patient's head. It promotes fast healing time and many times more patient friendly.

However, even with FUE, successful hair transplantation is still largely dependent on the availability of donor follicles. If the patient has insufficient scalp donor follicles, FUE has limited use for the patient with hair loss or baldness.

Just as revolutionary as the invention of FUE technique, the use of body hair and beard hair as donor also elevate hair transplantation to the next level by giving people with insufficient donor follicles a chance for normalcy.

After countless actual patient results involving the use of body and beard hair as donor, Dr. Arvind has established the viability of these non scalp donors as a safe and effective donor source for traditional hair transplantation. While the characteristics and texture of beard and body hair grafts differ significantly from regular scalp follicles, when used correctly these non scalp donors can be a great asset in improving the patient's overall aesthetic appearance. Hair transplant repair patients, in particular, have benefited greatly from beard and body hair donors.

In this featured presentation at the ISHRS, Dr. Arvind Poswal has shown numerous success stories from patients who have undergone hair transplant procedures using body and beard hair as donor.

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