Dr. Sajal Halder Body Hair Transplant India

Dr. Sajal Halder body hair transplant procedures offered at clinics in Delhi, Kolkata and Manipur.

Hair transplant is by far one of the most commonly sought after treatment for hair loss, baldness or androgenetic alopecia.

Hair transplant is so popular mostly because it is the only option that can restore one's hair reasonably well without involving drugs that can have undesirable side effects. It is your own natural growing hair, you cut it, style it like you would before you lost your hair.

Hair transplant can be effective for as long as there is sufficient donor follicles available. The procedure is based on the premise that we can relocate follicles from one part of the scalp that is immune to thinning to another part of the scalp where baldness or thinning occurs, hence the concept of donor site and recipient site in hair transplantation.

However the viability of hair transplant breaks down when a patient no longer has enough donor follicles from his scalp. This happens quite often for someone with severe norwood class 6 or class 7 baldness or someone who had already undergone previous hair transplants unsuccessfully and now left with a depleted donor site that has almost no follicles available for transplantation.

When donor supply becomes an issue, then doctors will have to explore other options to tap into donor source that is not commonly used for hair transplant. One such donor is BODY HAIR as a secondary source, hence the term body hair transplant.

Please do no confuse body hair transplant as a treatment where hair is transplanted to body parts such as your face or other areas on your body.  When the hair restoration mentions body hair transplant, they commonly refer to the process where body hair is used as donor for treatment of scalp baldness. Such body hair donor usually comes from the patient's chest, arms, legs or facial hairs such as beard.

Most people's first reaction to body hair transplant is whether the results will be natural considering that body hair usually has very different texture from scalp hair. As a matter of fact, body hair tends to be coarser in texture and they do not normally grow as long as scalp hair. This at one point was a major concern by many in the hair transplant industry. But after numerous doctors have experimented with the process and tested on countless individuals, many tend to believe that when used strategically, body hair can blend in very well with normal scalp hair and when done correctly by a skilled surgeon with great artistic flair, few would realize that the patient has body hair on his scalp.

Nowadays, body hair is used very frequently as a valuable source of donor especially for badly scarred hair transplant patients with limited scalp donor follicles.

In the earlier generation of body hair transplant, doctors experimented with almost all imaginable body hair sources possible, including hair from the chest, arms, legs, armpits, nape, neck and even hair from the pubic area. After almost a decade of trial-and-error, the new generation of body hair transplant specialists tend to believe that chest hair and beard grafts are the most robust and reliable in body hair transplantation.

In India, Dr. Sajal Halder is one of the few who offers body hair transplant treatment. Below is an example of a severely bald patient who had undergone hair transplant using a mixture of body hair and other donors in the process.

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