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When most people talk about hair restoration or hair transplant, the immediate reaction is to associate it with scalp hair loss such as thinning hair, baldness or various forms of alopecia.

In reality, hair disorders can manifest in different forms and shapes. While scalp hair loss is the most common of all, the medical community is catching on with other forms of disorder or condition that is fast gaining mainstream recognition.

Eyebrow and eyelash loss is one such disorder that is now being acknowledged by many sufferers as well as the hair transplant community.

Until recently, there is very little people with eyebrow or eyelash loss can do other than to suffer quietly. One should not underestimate the effect of eyebrow or eyelash loss has on individuals. To the person experiencing the disorder, it can be just as devastating as scalp hair loss or baldness.

What is so frustrating about eyebrow and eyelash loss is that this medical condition is not widely studied by doctors or researchers. Most of the studies in the world about hair loss focus on alopecia or scalp baldness. There is extremely limited funding for eyebrow and eyelash loss studies; one reason is because this type of condition is not talked about as often as the typical baldness and when it does get publicized often, people think that this is not a common phenomenon. Many who experience this condition simply suffer in quiet thinking that they are the only one who has this disorder.

The typical scapegoat that is being blamed for causing eyebrow or eyelash loss is excessive plucking. People use this reason as an easy excuse. As a matter of fact, it is not clear why we are losing our eyebrow or eyelash. Unlike androgenetic alopecia that is commonly attributed to the male hormone DHT, few has actually performed a thorough study to investigate why a person is losing eyebrow or eyelash.

Contrary to popular belief, eyebrow and eyelash loss do not happen to women only. There are just as many men who suffer from this disorder.

As for treatment, in the past the only solution is for women to wear fake eyelashes and use makeup to camouflage the eyebrow loss. In some instances, tattoos maybe done for the eyebrows. None of this is an ideal solution as they are all temporary in nature. In the end, we all desire to have our own natural growing eyebrow or eyelash back.

However, all this has changed dramatically with the invention of FUE technique in hair transplantation. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. While this revolutionary technique was first invented as a treatment for scalp hair loss, doctors later discover that the technique is also equally effective in restoring eyebrow and eyelash loss when performed correctly.

This is fantastic news for men and women who suffer from eyebrow and eyelash loss because now there is an effective treatment that can restore natural growing eyebrows and eyelash for them. Best of all, FUE treatment is a very minor surgical procedure, down time is minimally and there is a minimal of discomfort or pain when compared to traditional hair transplant procedures for scalp hair loss. The process involves extracting donor follicles from the patient's leg, neck or nape areas and then transplant them to thinning areas in the eyebrow or eyelash. Very often, the process only takes a few hours to complete and the patient can return home soon after.

Depending on the extent of eyebrow or eyelash loss, very often a small session of a few hundred grafts is all that need to restore both eyes for the patient.

Dr. Sajal Halder is one of the few physicians who offer eyebrow and eyelash transplants for patients in India and around the world.

Below is a before and after picture for one of Dr Halder's patients who had eyebrow transplant done:

Below is a before and after picture for one of Dr Halder's patients who had eyebrow transplant done:

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