2012 DHI Training Academy Masters Meeting

a unique interactive and informative global congress on hair transplantation, presenting the latest developments of DHI hair restoration techniques and services for people with hair loss and various hair disorders.

DHI Hair Transplant Training Academy
Table of contents

Open enrollment for practitioners, physicians and technicians in the hair restoration industry

The DHI Medical Group invites you to attend a unique interactive and informative global congress, presenting the latest developments of hair transplant hair restoration techniques and services. Participants will also be introduced to the DHI Total Care System and Direct Hair Implantation Technique, one of the most advanced hair restoration system ever developed.

Meeting Structure

President of Academy Masters Meeting:
Konstantinos Giotis, DHI Medical Group Chairman

Scientific Committee

Kostantinos Kouskoukis MD, Professor of Dermatology
Dimitrios Papadogiannis MD, Associate Professor of Cardiology
Paco Jimenez MD, Associate Professor of Dermatology, President of ISHRS
Ron Shappiro MD, Member of ISHRS Association
Torello Lotti MD, Professor of Dermatology and Venereology
Jana Hercogova, MD, Professor of Dermatology, President of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology - EADV

Meeting organizers

Cali Giannatou, Marketing Manager
George Stathis, Athens Clinic Manager
Hospitality Desk:
Lily Agiant, Operations Assistant
Leonidas Manolakos: Prosthetiki Manager

to enroll, email hairsite@aol.com

Highlight of the Event

FREE HAIR TRANSPLANT session for HairSite readers. ONE free hair transplant session will be offered to one of HairSite readers at the Academy every year. Email your pictures to hairsite@aol.com to enroll. The winner will be announced on HairSite every year. This is a great opportunity to obtain a free hair restoration procedure from one of the biggest names in hair transplantation in the world.

If you are unsure about what to do about your hair loss situation or looking for a qualified hair transplant hair restoration doctor near you, please email hairsite@aol.com or fill out the online input form below for a prompt response. All questions answered within 48 hours.