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offers hair transplant for men and women with hair loss and thinning hair worldwide, headquarters clinic located London, United Kingdom at 43 New Cavendish Street, London - UK, W1G 9TH

Restoring Confidence since 1970


the following is provided by and reprinted with permission from DHI Global

DHI has over 43 affiliated locations worldwide and has successfully restored Hair for over 150,000 clients; DHI Medical Group is the true global leader in Hair Restoration Technologies.

DHI Global Medical Group was founded by Mr K.P. Giotis in 1970 and has been dedicated solely to the research, diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp disorders. 43 years on, the DHI technique offers hair loss sufferers across the globe a painless procedure with natural results.

Mr K. P. Giotis was inspired to create the Direct Hair Implantation procedure after suffering from hair loss himself. Direct Hair Implantation gives natural results with no pain or visible scars. The DHI procedure takes sufferers own hair follicles and places them on the scalp within 6 seconds, compared to 6 hours or more with other methods.
Since the DHI Medical Group was founded in 1970, Mr K. P. Giotis and the DHI team of experts have continued to strive to be the best hair replacement system, investing millions in research. The resulting DHI Total Care System ensures each DHI clinic across the globe complies with the highest standards in the treatment of hair loss.

DHI is a huge international success and the DHI team want to help as many hair loss sufferers as possible. The new global price structure has just been introduced and offers the best procedures at a reasonable cost. Come and see what DHI can do for you and make DHI the right choice in the treatment of your hair loss!

Over the last 43 years DHI has expanded its business and at the same time devoted itself to developing innovative techniques and proprietary medical tools for Hair Restoration. DHI have as part of its clientele many renowned doctors, newscasters and celebrities as proud DHI clients, but DHI has a commitment to treat each and every client as if they were a VIP in its clinics.

DHI's staff are highly trained professionals, certified in the latest DHI techniques by undergoing vigorous and extensive training within the DHI Academy.
DHI provides comfortable, state of the art facilities and use the latest techniques to treat Hair Loss.
DHI’s founder, K. P. Giotis, is a world-renowned hair restoration expert.
DHI are very proud of their excellent client feedback and encourage you to find out through our client contact list how our clients describe their DHI Total Care experience. Excellent final results.

DHI global group is expanding rapidly around the globe. Our Growth is based in three principals:

DHI Company History

DHI Medical Group has always developed the most cutting edge advancements in hair restoration technology.
1970 Mr. K.P. Giotis starts the first DHI clinic in Palo Alto, CA.

1993 DHI begins using micro grafting, one of the first microsurgery based hair replacement techniques.
1997 DHI Athens becomes the first hair clinic to be awarded with the ISO 9002 Certification, a quality assurance designation that demonstrates our commitment to a consistent level of quality recognized under International standards.

1999 DHI Implanter introduced, allowing for improvements in follicle viability.

2001 DHI Medical Group develops FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) in conjunction with some of the finest doctors in the Hair Restoration industry.

2004 DHI No Touch Technique was developed in response to surgical innovations in hair replacement. In this procedure, up to 2,000 follicles were implanted in an out-patient session of up to 6 hours.

2005  SHF (Single Hair follicle) technique introduced at DHI Clinics and incorporated as an enhancement of the No Touch Technique.

2008 DHI Total Care System is launched, bringing together extensive research, advanced diagnosis, superior treatment and the promise of lifetime support to our clients.

2009 It is our philosophy and our commitment to every customer to provide high quality services.
Our objective is the ideal result to every customer to meet his or her expectation and needs.
Our smart quality control system is in conform with the ISO 9001:2008 ( International Organization of Standardization).
In November 2009, DHI Athens Clinic was certified with an ISO 9001:2008 certificate from TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS a prestigious European Organization.

2010 DHI Medical Group introduced the Direct Hair Implantation, a minimally invasive technique, that sets new higher and quality standards in the field of Hair Restoration worldwide.
DHI Medical Group implements a unique diagnostic procedure, by creating an educational website, www.dhiwebinars.com, in order to guide all the potential clients how to avoid the five most common mistakes while choosing a hair restoration technique.

2011 DHI celebrates its 40th anniversary. New DHI Building in London’s most prestigious medical district, the Harley St. Area, serves as DHI's world Headquarters and Training center.

2012 DHI Medical Group continues to lead and innovate in hair restoration science, contributing results and abstracts about current research and upcoming breakthroughs; that it regularly shares and presents at the most prestigious hair science conferences, around the world. 
In January 2012, DHI London Clinic has renewed the Certification of Care Quality Commission. In November 2012, DHI Athens Clinic was certified with an ISO 9001:2008 certificate from TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS. .

If you are unsure about what to do about your hair loss situation or looking for a qualified hair transplant hair restoration doctor near you, please emailhairsite@aol.com or fill out the online input form below for a prompt response. I answer all questions within 48 hours.