DHI Academy Masters Meeting,

hair transplant physicians conference program guide for the 2014 event at Sounio Greece.

May 31 - Jun 1, 2014
Sounio, Greece


Scientific program
Georgia Ligda MD, PhD
Lefteris Papanikolaou MD 
Stavroula Antonio MD
George Liosis, MD
Case Study Organizers
George Stathis,
Athens Clinic Manager 
Piet Lambrecht,
Lavrio Clinic Manager

AMM Meeting Masters
Cali Giannatou,
Marketing Adninistrator
Sonia Konstantinou,
DHI Academy Adninistrator


DHI Academy Masters Meeting – Day 1

12:00-12:15  Welcome and DHI Team presentation
Mr. K.P. Giotis, DHI Medical Group Founder

12:15-12:45 DHI Total Care System _ The Psychological Aspects

Presentation by Mr. K.P.Giotis, DHI Medical Group Founder

12:45-13:00 New DHI Hair loss Products & DHI S.U.I.’s

13:00-13:15 DHI PRP Kit

Presentation by G.Ligda MD Phd, DHI Academy Medical Director

13:15-14:00 DHI MPG Method

Presentation of DHI MPG method and presentation of DHI MPG on scar

14:00-14:30 The Density Issue

Presentation of 100 hairs density per cm2

14:30-15:00 100% DHI DIRECT

Academic presentation of DHI Direct technique

15:00-15:30 Female Hairline restoration

Presentation of DHI Female Hairline restoration

15:30-16:00 Facial restoration (beard and eyebrows)

Presentation of beard and eyebrow reconstruction technique

16:00-16:30 Body Hair restoration

Presentation of Body hair restoration

16:30-17:00 The DHI Academy vision _ SOP’s

17:00-17:30 Global Trends and DHI in the future

17:30-18:30 Round table Discussions

19:00 Greek Tavern Night

DHI Academy Masters Meeting – Day 2

Presentation of Case Studies, George Stathis, DHI Athens Clinic Manager
Piet Lambrecht, DHI Lavrio Clinic Manager

11:00-11:10 Androgenetic Alopecia case study
11:10-11:20 Female Hairline restoration case study
11:20-11:30 High Density placement case study
11:30-11:45 Chest Hair restoration case study
11:45-12:00 Male and Female PRP case study
12:00-12:10 Male MPG case study
12:10-12:30 The most difficult case so far…
Study cases from DHI locations worldwide
12:30-12:45 DHI India Study Case
12:45-13:00 DHI Dubai Study Case
13:00-13:15 DHI France Study Case
13:15-13:30 DHI UK Study Case
13:30-14:00 Closing Speeches / Awards / Certificates

This year's event will be held in
Sounio, Greece from May 31st to June 1st, 2014

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