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Dr. Gho Hair Stem Cell Transplant HST

Dr. Gho Hair Stem Cell Transplant (HST) possibly the world's first generation hair multiplication or hair cloning procedure with the promise of unlimited donor hair supply for men and women with hair loss and baldness.

Dr. Gho's stem cell hair transplant or sometimes referred to as HST or Hair Stem Cell Transplantation has always been on of the most fiercely debated topics in HairSite's hair multiplication forum - one of the world's largest and longest running forums for hair multiplication discussions.

For those who are not familiar with the term "hair multiplication" or "hair cloning", it is basically the idea of using a person's hair stem cells in order to generate unlimited hair supply for the treatment of hair loss or thinning hair in men and women. It is a kind of cellular therapy for hair loss and could possibly be the cure for all kinds of baldness.

Dr. Gho was the very first doctor who became hugely famous in the world of hair restoration because of his early research in hair multiplication in the late 90s and early 2000s. Our records also show that it was Dr. Coen Gho who first coined the term "hair multiplication".

Dr. Gho's early research in hair multiplication had encountered several obstacles and his efforts never materialized into the cure for baldness that everyone had hoped for.

Despite the early setbacks for a cellular treatment for hair loss, Dr. Gho's research and expertise gradually evolved into what is now known as the Hairstemcell Transplantation® - a registered trademark of Dr. Gho's Hair Science Institute.

According to Dr. Gho, founder of Hair Science Institute: "HaarStamcel Transplantatie® is a procedure developed and patented by the Hair Science Institute.... HaarStamcel Transplantatie® doesn’t actually involve hair transplantation but rather hair multiplication. In HaarStamcel Transplantatie®, your own hairs produce new hairs. Exactly where you want them. No scarring, no pain, no long recovery period... and you don’t lose a single hair!"

Some of the claims made by Dr. Coen Gho about his Hairstemcell Transplant are (excerpts from his website):

  • Only a part of the follicle (a few hair stem cells, also called a "graft") is required to grow one or more new hairs.
  • Unlike all other methods, with HST (Hair Stem Cell Transplantation) the donor area retains virtually all of its hair growth and density.
  • Because the donor area is not damaged, the treatment can be repeated if desired.

The most significant difference between the HST method and traditional hair transplant techniques is that with HST, only a tiny part of the hair follicle is removed, leaving the majority of it in the donor area where it will produce a new hair. This preserves the donor area for future treatments, which is why this technique should actually be referred to as hair multiplication, rather than transplantation.

All these claims sound very encouraging but truth be told, over the years we have seen very few results from Dr. Gho's clinic. It wasn't until recently when there are more people stepping forward admitting that they had Dr. Gho's stem cell hair transplant procedure done.

Still, the biggest question remains: the biggest selling point of this new technique is the "promise" of donor regeneration so that there will be unlimited donor follicles available for the patient. At the time when this is published, there is no objective and scientific way to verify the percentage of donor regeneration as a result of Dr. Gho's Hairstemcell transplant.

If you are an existing patient of Dr. Gho and have already undergone his Hair Stem Cell Transplant procedure, please share with us your experience in our Hair Multiplication forum.

For more info about Dr. Gho and his Hair Stem Cell Transplant proceudre, email hairsite@aol.com