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Dr. Tsuji Stem Cell Hair Multiplication

Dr. Tsuji Hair Multiplication
Dr. Tsuji Hair Multiplication Update

Dr. Tsuji Hair Multiplication - the MOST PROMISING...

The holy grail in hair regeneration is the ability to clone or multiple unlimited follicles from a single hair follicle stem cell. This represents the ultimate cure for hair loss and baldness in both men and women.

Despite a plethora of stem cells hair regeneration news in recent years from the likes of RepliCel, Histogen, Sammumed, and WAY316606 to name a few, the team that is the most promising in delivering a genunine stem cell hair restoration treatment is none other than the group led by dr Takashi Tsuji in Japan. This seems to be the concensus in our community for hair multiplication news.

Dr. Tsuji Hair Multiplication Research - like nothing we've seen before

The excitement about Dr. Tsuji hair multiplication research started when scientists from the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) in Japan along with other Japanese institutions successfully grew complex skin tissue in the laboratory.

We have heard of skin grafting or skin regeneration research in the past, but what makes this one special is that the the re-engineered skin tissue is complete with hair follicles and sebaceous glands.

Scientists were then able to transplant these complex re-eingineered skin tissues into living mice in their experiment and the newly implanted tissues successfully formed proper connections with other organ systems such as nerves and muscle fibers. This opens a new world of possibility in the world of skin transplants for burn victims as well as hair regeneration for people with hair loss.

Dr. Tsuji Hair Multiplication Research Team

Dr. Takashi Tsuji is the lead scientist for this exciting study. According to Dr. Tsuji, the problem with existing technologies in artificial skin regeneration is the fact that the newly developed skin lacks essential organs such as hair follicles and exocrine glands. Without these essential organs, the skin simply cannot function normally in our body.

This is the first time ever a team of scientists is able to successfully grow skin in a lab that actually does replicate the function of normal skin tissue intended by nature, complete with hair follicles and all the essential exocrine glads.

The ultimate goal is to be able to create actual organs in the lab that are suitable for transplantation to humans.

Why Dr. Tsuji Hair Multiplication Research Will Win the Race

Why do some people believe that Dr. Tsuji hair multiplication research will win the race for a hair loss cure?

Dr. Tsuji has an advantage in that he’s been researching this longer and has not only research facilities through Riken (a Japanese biomedical institute) but also funding through Meiji Seika Pharma, which plans to license and market the technique once it’s validated in humans.

According to discussions in our community, Dr. Tsuji's work is by far the most promising because his team is actually creating fully polarized “hair follicle germs”, that is, they are placing epithelial cells on the bottom and cultured HF stem cells on the top. In order to reliably induce a brand new working follicle, apparently you have to have both types of cells, and they need to be positioned exactly like that (a layer of HF cells on top of the layer of epithelial/DP cells), oriented in that way with respect to the skin and the dermal-epidermal junction.

This is the first time scientists can "successfully demonstrate fully functional bioengineered hair follicle regeneration that produces follicles that can repeat the hair cycle, connect properly with surrounding skin tissues and achieve piloerection. This regeneration occurs through the rearrangement of various follicular stem cells and their niches. These findings significantly advance the technological development of bioengineered hair follicle regenerative therapy"

Dr. Tsuji Hair Multiplication Research Updates

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