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Hair Regrowth Regeneration Trials

hair regrowth trials
Hair Regrowth Trials

Hair Regrowth clinical trials for male and female hair loss or pattern baldness offered by clinics or research institutes around the world.

CLINICAL TRIALS We have an extensive list of clinical trial details available to the public based on information that we compile to the best of our abilities. There are hair growth trials offer by different organizations, clinics or doctors from time to time from around the world. For the most part, there is NO COST or very little cost to participate in the trial. Some of these clinical trials are open to both men and women with hair loss or thinning hair. One important thing is that many of these trials require participants to live near where the clinical facilities are located. Also, another requirement is of course frequent visit to the clinic, probably once per month in order for the researchers to examine your hair growth density.

Please note that none of the trials are offered by HairSite. We simply compile and report the information here.

Please be realistic with your expectations and proceed with caution. There is no guarantee that you will see hair regrowth and there might even be undesirable side effects. You may be given the placebo during these trials. So do not be surprised that you may not see any regrowth or increase in hair density at all. Also, during the trial, you are NOT allowed to use any other hair loss treatments other than what is prescribed for you at the clinic. If you are serious about participating in these clinical trials, be prepared that you may even lose more of your own hair after the trial is concluded. Consult with your own physician and do very thorough research before making a decision as the majority of the trials are based on unproven techniques or protocols and some may even be considered unsafe or harmful. There is simply no guarantee whatsoever with respect to these trials or experiments.

Presently, the most popular treatments for hair loss are topical products or medications such as minoxidil, Propecia, Dutasteride. The other options will be surgical hair transplant and non-surgical hair replacement systems.

There is no one treatment that works for everyone. While hair transplant is by far the most effective in restoring one's natural growing hair, many still feel that it is not the ideal treatment as success depends largely on donor supply and the skill of the surgeon. Also, many hair transplant doctors are still offering antiquated strip transplant technique. FUE is the preferred hair transplant technique and unfortunately there are literally just a few truly qualified FUE hair transplant doctors in the world. In light of the situation, researchers are constantly trying to improve the effectiveness of existing treatment options and to come up with new treatment protocols for hair loss.

The following are trial information that we have access to at the time when this article was published. We do not guarantee the success of these trials. There might also be side effects or complications from an unproven treatment protocol. Readers are cautioned to do your own research before enrolling in any of these hair loss trials. Some trials may have already been concluded and no longer available to the public, contact us for trial status update.

Below are among some of the trials reported here on HairSite, email hairsite@gmail.com if you wish to enroll or participate in any upcoming trials in your area