Hair System Adhesives Solvent

Solvent, Remover, Cleaner

Hair replacement and hair system hairpiece removal process, what solvent to use and how to remove a hairpiece safely without damaging the hair system.

Hair replacement system is an expensive investment. Wearing a hairpiece can be costly over time. If the hair system is not maintained, removed and cleaned properly, the maintenance and repair costs can add up very fast.

Unlike the old days when hair system wearer has to book an appointment and visit a special hair replacement salon to remove and cleanse the hair system, nowadays there are enough service, support and tools available that allows the wear to service the unit in the comfort of their own home at regular intervals that suit their personal hygiene requirements.

Removing your hair system can be a tricky process and may cost you extra money if the unit is damaged in the removal and cleaning process.

For one thing, the material is quite delicate, especially for lace hair systems, and you could risk tearing or damaging the unit. This is especially true for those of us who are still in the the stone ages of hair replacement and buy from one of those clubs or expensive retail salons. They don’t always educate their clients on the finer points of maintenance. In recent years, due to personal hygiene reasons and with the availability of new products and tools, many people choose to remove and cleanse their hair system at home rather than paying extra for someone to do that for them.

Below is a simple guideline provided by HairDirect on how to safely remove and cleanse your hairpiece.

Step One Applying adhesive remover

To begin, find your spray-on or dab-on adhesive remover and apply it directly on the area of your hair system that is secured to your scalp.

Allow the solvent to soak in and break down the bond for a few minutes before continuing to the next step.

Step Two Begin peeling hair system from the back

In order to avoid damaging your front hairline, we recommend always removing your hair system from back to front. Start by using the tips of your finger to feel around for the very back edge of the unit.

Now spray your makeup pad with Adjust-A-Bond or isopropyl alcohol until it's soaked.

Step Three Peel up back of hair system until removed

Once you’ve located the back edge, gently scrap across it with your fingernail. All you need to do is peel up enough of the base so you can grab onto it tight with your fingers.

While peeling your hair system off from the back, use your Adjust-A-Bond-soaked makeup pad between the bottom of the base and your scalp. This will help break down the adhesive and make the unit easier to peel off.

Using a spray remover? Spray a light mist directly between the base and your scalp while peeling up the unit, after a few inches, stop and spray more adhesive remover.

Using a dab-on remover? Either use the dab-on applicator or soak a liberal amount of adhesive remover on the tip of a paper towel. While peeling up the unit, swipe the applicator or paper towel across the bottom at the point where it is attached to your scalp.

Whatever method you choose, simply continue a few inches at a time until your hair system is completely off.

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