Hair System Bonding Adhesives

Bonding is a fancy term in hair replacement systems. First off, please note that hair replacement or hair system is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure. The more secular term for the procedure is hairpiece or toupee. Over the years, not a whole lot has changed in the non-surgical hair restoration industry.

In order to attach the hairpiece to your scalp, you will need certain adhesives to do the job. The industry as a whole has generally adopted a fancy term for the adhesives, they call it BONDING.

There is no magic to the whole process. In order to for the hairpiece or hair system to be securely attached to your scalp, most companies now use either liquid adhesives or double sided tape. Yes, the hair system is essentially being glued to your scalp.

Fusion, besides the term bonding, FUSION is another commonly used terminology to window dress the fact that the hair system is glued to your scalp.

The following are examples of some of the hair system bonding or fusion materials that are being sold on the market or marketed to the public nowadays. As you can tell, different companies call it different things. Again, many attempt to use some fancy terminologies to glamorize the process. Make sure you ask lots of questions and most importantly about the toxicology facts for the chemicals that are used in the hair system bonding or fusion product.


Perimeter Fusion Kit: "Popularly known as "dermafuse", "polyfuse", and other "-fuse" names, perimeter fusion is actually easier to perform at home than micro-point. With this kit you will have the supplies for 5 to 7 fusions...."

Micropoint Bonding Kit: "This kit contains everything you need to perform 20 to 30 micro-point bonding applications."

Super Grip Adhesive: "The Super Grip Adhesive is excellent for the perimeter attachment of the hair system to your scalp, as well as attaching lace fronts. "

Full Head Bonding Kit: "This kit contains Eurobond adhesive (Permarite #7), release, and touch up as well as two application brushes for full head bonding. Similar to other full head bonding adhesives, Eurobond goes on white but dries clear."

With both liquid adhesives or double sided tape, clean up can be a challenge. Both products tend to leave a considerable amount of residue glued to your scalp after a few days. Most hair replacement companies also sell specially formulated solvent for hair system clean up use.

Most companies claim that their adhesives and solvents are medical grade products. We encourage the consumers to do their own research and request toxicology information for these products. As of now, we are not aware of any scientific studies that evaluate the safe issues of these products when used consistently over an extended period of time.

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