Hair System Bonding Tape

hair system and toupee bonding tape

Hair replacement system is like a customized ultra portage wig, in most instances, attaching the hair system to your scalp requires the use of some kind of bonding or adhesive mechanisms.

Tape is one of the most commonly used form mechanisms for attaching a hair replacement system to one's scalp. In order for the tape to adhere securely, the wearer must shave some or all of his or her own hair, otherwise the tape will not be able to secure strongly to your scalp.

Unlike regular tape that we use in our day to day lives, the tapes used in hair replacement or hair systems are double sided so that it can create the best bond. These tapes are also sometimes referred to as medical grade adhesive tapes or surgical adhesive tapes as they are sometimes made in a sterile environment.

Most hair replacement tapes are clear or transparent so that it leaves little room for being detected. The only exception is cloth tape.

Not all tapes have the same intensity when it comes to their "stickiness". Very often, companies in the hair replacement system will distinguish the tapes by color in order to indicate how strong each tape holds.

In addition to all those colors, toupee adhesive will typically sell in rolls or as strips. The strips are available in various contours specifically shaped to fit the front hairline and outer edge of many popular toupees & hair systems.

More About Hairpiece Tape

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Some commonly Used Tapes for Hair Pieces

White Liner Tape
Red Liner Tape
No Messy Residue
Cloth Tape
Blue Lace Tape
Proflex Strips & Minitabs
Super Tape