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Hair System & Toupee Repairs

Proper hair replacement hairpiece repairs and maintenance can prolong the durability of your hair replacement system and reduce the cost of ownership over time. Learn how to maintain your hair unit correctly.

Oxidation and Harmful UV Rays Damage Hair System

Harmful UV Rays from the sun can cause the hair in your hair system to turn orange or red in color. This change is called oxidation and though it is a gradual process, if you spend time outdoors, it could affect you and the natural appearance you're used to getting from your hair replacement.
What is oxidation anyway?

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that affects the color hues in your hair anytime oxygen is present and the molecules are exposed to UV light.

In other words, anytime you're outside in the sun! This chemical reaction causes damage to the outer layer of the hair shaft, in both human and synthetic hair.
How does oxidation affect your hair system?

Your hair system may begin to take on a red hue or color tint. This is most often a direct result of losing the green color pigments in the hair shafts of a hairpiece.

These color pigments become exposed to the elements and turn red because oxidation causes the outer layer of hair follicles to peel back. Imagine the trunk of a palm tree... this is what the hair follicles in your system look like after oxidation has begun!
What else can be done to avoid oxidation?

Assuming you aren't able to stay indoors 100% of the time, you'll always face oxidation issues with your hair system. However, these days buying online, direct from the factory has become easy and affordable. So easy in fact that many hair wearers are opting to simply order a new unit when oxidation starts.

Cleaning Your Hair Replacement System

hair system toupee cleaning

No matter if you are a daily or extended hair wearer, eventually the adhesive residues will begin to build up on your system and get into the hair. To help protect your hair replacement system, regular clean up is recommended.

Tips & Instructions for Proper Hair System Clean-up

Below are instructions for removal of adhesive build up on both polyurethane (skin) as well as mesh-fabric (lace) bases. This process will also get adhesive residue out of the hair.

Step One Removing the hairpiece tape

Start by removing the hairpiece tape from the polyurethane areas of your system.

Use your fingernail to gently "flick" or scrape up the very edge of the hairpiece tape to start the peeling.

Step Two Soaking the hair system

Next, hop into the shower and wash your entire head, hair and scalp thoroughly at least two times.

Soak the hair system in a plastic or stainless steel container capable of holding liquid solvent.

Soaking times may vary greatly depending on the type of hair system and adhesive you're using. Some will only need their unit to soak for 20 minutes while others may need to keep it in the solvent for up to 24 hours!

Step Three Cleaning the hair system

Remove your hair system from the solution and lay it in a sink face up (the hair will be on the bottom).

To clean the lace areas gently brush the swollen adhesive residue with a finger nail brush to loosen and break it free.

To clean the skin areas use a teaspoon by scraping any excess residue off with gentle, short vertical strokes.

After getting most of the excess residue off, place your unit back into the container full of solvent for 2-3 more minutes.

Step Four Rinsing the hair system

Moving your system from the solvent back into the sink, squirt a liberal amount of hand dish washing liquid onto the base while it is still dripping wet with solvent. At this point, any remaining adhesive residue will have lost all tack.

Gently glide the fingernail brush across the edge of the base and out through the hair — all the remaining adhesive residue should slide off easily. After a few minutes of brushing, rinse your system with high pressure lukewarm water down through the base. (Repeat this step a second time)

If there is still adhesive residue in your hair system, you probably didn't soak it in the solvent long enough. Go back and repeat step 2.

Step Five Shampoo and condition

Finally, after rinsing thoroughly wash the unit again, this time using a mild shampoo to balance the acid level and lastly condition.

Your unit should now be clean and clear of any old adhesive residue. You're now ready to reattach and begin wearing the fresh (like new) system!

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