Scalp Pigmentation MHT

micro hair technique for the treatment or camouflage of hair loss and baldness.

Frequently asked questions about
MHT (Micro Hair Technology) Basics

  • What is MHT?
  • Does MHT look real?
  • Can MHT be used to disguise hair transplant scars?
  • How long will MHT last for?
  • What pigments or inks are used in an MHT treatment
  • Will MHT fade, smear or turn blue as the years pass?
  • Is MHT reversible?
  • Is receiving a MHT treatment painful?
  • How much does MHT cost?
  • Who developed MHT and why?
  • What client has had MHT the longest?
  • Can I speak or meet with clients who have finished their MHT treatments ?
  • Will I need the consent of my parents or guardians?

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