Alopecia Areata Scalp Pigmentation

hair restoration treatment with dramatic transformation that simulates real hair growth for men and women suffering from alopecia areata hair loss condition.

Alopecia areata is one of the most devastating hair loss conditions that can affect men, women and even children or teenagers. This condition is particularly painful and difficult for children and teenager due to the amount of peer pressure they face in schools. At the time when this is published, there is no known cure for alopecia areata. While there are some treatments such as cortisone or steroid injections, results are inconsistent and the condition can and usually does come back at a later time.

Alopecia areata usually manifest in small round or oval bald patches that are completely rid of hair.

With scalp pigmentation procedure being adopted and perfected by HIS Hair Clinic, patients with alopecia areata can now have a new option for living a fuller life despite the devastating condition.

Below are some before and after transformation from alopecia areata patients who have undergone scalp pigmentation treatment. Note that this treatment provides simulation of real hair growth as a camouflage or concealment, it does not actually promote real hair growth.


The typical pattern is for one or more bald patches to appear on the scalp. These tend to be round in shape, and about the size of a large coin. They develop quite quickly. A relative, friend, or hairdresser may be the first person to notice the bald patch or patches. Apart from the bald patch or patches, the scalp usually looks healthy and there is no scarring. Occasionally, there is some mild redness, mild scaling, mild burning, or a slight itchy feeling on the bald patches.

Alopecia Areata can sometimes disappear as fast as it appeared. In other cases it can be frequently recurrent, varying greatly in both timescale and severity. It is fair to say that for many people, Alopecia Areata can be very difficult to live with.

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